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Hello to the Blog Hoppers!

I know we all say that we're doing it for ourselves.  Really we have to.  If we don't say it's for our very own self, our chances of making life-long changes diminish.  Our chance of failure increases. We have to value our own life (and living), our own body, our own emotions.  We have to put in the work.

HOWEVER, I just wanted to at least admit to myself and you all, that hearing other people notice the work and the results is sooooo delicious.  People used to say to me "Oh you look like you've lost weight" and I knew I hadn't.  Now when they say it,  I can say "Yeah, 13 pounds. Can you believe it?" 

I'm really proud of what I'm doing here. Having people notice it is like adding a gust of wind to a sail that is already full.  Just pushes me that little much more.

I hope in a little way it can inspire the people around me who says they can't do it, or that they don't want to do it, or that say they're doing it but don't know what they're doing.  I'm hoping I can encourage my dad to commit to the process. 

You know, someone said to me today that they don't want to give up their junk food.  And you'd be amazed...once you start putting in the work and seeing results, the junk food isn't on your radar, and if it is, it's the tiniest little blip.


Me too babe, hence this lil ol' blog hop.

Thank you all of your comments over the past few weeks - they have helped, big time.

(And well done on only having to use the 150!)


13 pounds is great! It's true about the feeling when people say "Have you lost weight?" It's awesome.

I look forward to following your journey.

Before photo's of me. I have just started for like the 100th time, but this time it's on my blog.

Amazing how much more accountable we are when we put it out there like this hey?

Good luck with it. :)


Compliments on weight loss are just the BEST!!!! Soul food!!! Better than the taste of any other food out there! Keep up the amazing work. You have ben such a support! :)


You are so together! I love your comment about junk food - my man bought it up today how he feels like he can't go a day without it! I'm living for the day I start getting some comments xx


Andrea- me too... I've lost 2 stone but people only notice when people I have told recently have passed the info on....

Put on weight this week goodness knows why so not joined the hop... no point making failure public lol

I hope you get plenty of gusts of wind in your sails this week!



Sorry in case you didn't know this is me lol

..that's my crafty blog thing :)


Loooove the comments. It totally fuels me when I hear "you're looking good" or "are you losing weight?". So much better than hearing "you look tired". :P


congrats to you! I'm so glad you are getting validation for the hard work you are doing! And it's totally inspiring to me at the beginning of my journey to see your success ( but also the processes you are going through on your journey)--thank you for sharing both!


Lucy: Glad I can help!

Million dollar: I firmly believe that people should tell their inner circle (if not the whole world) that they're on this journey. I don't think it's b/c it makes you accountable, but people will be your lifeguards -- make sure you keep at it.

Ali: Also glad I can help!!

Andrea: I just pretend i'm together. I've had lots of practice over the years. I have bad days, bad moments, bad thoughts just like everyone else!

Myzdamena: It's only a failure if you give up. So what you gained?? What's your next move? That's what determines success or failure.

Raegun: Or people constantly asking if i'm pregnant, or when I'm due...

Lala: I'm glad i can inspire and encourage you... I mean, I've lost 13 since february. It's not much compared to other people, but it's HUGE to me, and that's what matters.


I'm so happy and proud too. I was posting my blog on my fb and hiding it for so long from everyone but a select few day I forgot and one of my coworkers came over and told me that she was so proud, so happy for me and it made me almost I don't mind telling anyone because I love that everyone I know is so supportive and wonderful. :) I'm so happy for you that you know you have something to be proud of!


I didn't make this public until i had a heart-to-heart with my dad about all the things from my childhood that I needed to talk to him about. I wanted him to hear it directly from me. I asked him not to look at this blog, but I know now that there won't be many surprises for him.

Once i was over that hurdle, I made it public. I want people to see this. People that know me can hear my voice when they read what I say. I'm putting myself on the page each time I post. For better, for worse, it's 100% Genuine Grade-A Robby


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