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*Please don't solicit me unless you're 100% sure your product fits my philosophy.

**Please don't ask to write on my blog. If I want you to write on my blog, I'll ask you. This has only happened once.

Age:  37
Location:  Washington, DC
College:  GWU (Major: English; Minors: Creative Writing, Biological Anthropology)
Profession:  Desk Jockey, Law
Disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor.  I am not a registered dietitian, I am not a certified nutritionist.  I am not a certified physical trainer.  The only thing I'm an expert in is myself.

My not-so-sweet 16 -- probably around 225 lbs
wearing a size 18/20 dress
About Me

18 years old and 240 lbs
Notable Entries
Non-Scale Victories
  • Breaking up with my refrigerator.
  • Realizing that actually crying and feeling the bad emotions feels better in the long run than eating.
  • No one at the gym will judge me if my legs aren't shaved.
    They'll be impressed with the shit I can do.

College Graduation, 21 and 235lbs
Personal Quotes/Philosophies:
"Sweat is fear leaving the body." ~me

What's in your wallet gym bag?
I have 3 gym bags -- one for the gym, one for softball (uniform, glove & cleats), and one for boxing (handwraps, gloves, head gear, mouth guard).
  • I'm always wearing my BodyMediaFit -- Gym or not! Waking or Not! I've answered a few questions about it here. And my friend Emmie has a review of it here.
These are some of my favorites from my gym bag: 
  • Moving Comfort Vixen Sports Bra (I love that you can get this bra not only in band size, but also cup size.  It's super comfortable, super supportive, and it breathes well.  
  • Incredible by VS Sports Bra:  I was sad when VSX was discontinued, but the R&D was worth the wait!)
  • Brooks Ghost 6 (Do me a favor and go to a running store.  Have them (1) measure your shoe size (2) how much arch support you need.  If you have high arches, you don't need arch support (it'll only make you pronate more).  If you have low arches, you need arch support.)
  • New Balance Minimus (I am wearing these more and more in the gym -- they are comfortable, light weight, and help me have better balance!  My toes are too long for regular Vibram 5-finger shoes -- so these are PERFECT!)
  • Body Glide Anti-Chafing Stick (helps with chafing under arms, under bras, between thighs, or for new shoes)

Obligatory cat photos (Spike (rest in peace little guy) is the striped one, Jack is black and white)

And yes, I am remiss for not having added Ginger Stardust yet: 

Isn't she magnificent?


Why FatGirl vs. World?

I want to answer that in two parts -- first "why Fat Girl" and then "why vs. World."

Fat Girl:  I know this will be familiar to people who have been overweight for most of their life (i.e. not post-pregnancy, or after an injury, etc.) but we have spent so much time being defined (by ourselves, society) as fat, that we've come to accept our fat status.  But for me, it's more about the mentality.  I'm not talking attitude, because in my mind I'm Jessica Rabbit.  I'm talking about the mentality of fear -- that if I'm not vigilant every moment of every day, the pounds will return.  They won't return slowly, but the fear is that I will gain all 50lbs back overnight.  I know, so weird.  But that's why I say I'll always be a "Fat Girl" -- it's the mentality of fear.  I'm not disparaging my body or my journey.  It's my way of recognizing where I've come from and what scares me most. 

vs. World:  I began this blog because I was so frustrated with the world assuming that fat people are just lazy overeaters of Twinkies and other snack cakes.  I was frustrated with such a fascile view of such a complex problem.  Yes there are a small percentage of overweight/obese people who have chemical/genetic problems, but by in large, I think obesity is a psychological issue.  The world has become much more understanding of alcholics, drug addicts, anorexics, bulimics, sex addicts -- recognizing that there's a diagnosable, treatable mental issue at play. My goal for the blog was to be honest to a fault in order to show the psychological/mental issues at play.

Most "fitness" or "diet" bloggers post about their food/exercise.  Why don't you?

Well, first of all, I am not a doctor, dietitian, or trainer.  I do not want to give anyone bad advice.  I consult with a dietitian regarding my nutritional and caloric needs.  Before starting any new type of exercise I consult with my doctors (my team of doctors that advise me regarding my back injury as well as my general practitioner). 

Secondly, I think everyone is on their own journey and at different levels.  I wouldn't want someone to model their diet or exercise after what I'm doing.  Part of the journey is finding what's right for you.  But by all means, do get inspired by some of the recipes and exercises you see floating around on the blogosphere. 

I see you mention a few products and companies, are you paid to endorse these products?

Nope.  And I'm not looking for any compensation.  If I recommend something, it's because I've used it and like it.  Some examples are:  
  • BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick -- I wish this had been around years ago -- that would have saved me so much embarrassment and pain in gym class.  I love BodyGlide not only the product, but the fact that they are so involved in the social media/weight loss blogosphere community as well.  I use it not only to prevent chafing (not just in the gym, but even in the summer when I'm walking around) but also to help break in new shoes (especially leather ones!)
  • BodyMedia Fit -- I've been using this device for over three years now and absolutely love it.  I have reviewed it on my blog twice now.  I also bought one for my father and one for my brother.  It does not do the work for you, but it tells you that you're doing the work.   They are also involved in the blogosphere as well.  I even wanted to be their SpokesBody.
In response to some Google Analytics searches....
  1. "how can i overcome my body image--being fat to ask a guy out" -- okay, this one I might be able to help with.  First of all, if you have a body image issue (vs. body dysmorphic issue), it's all about attitude, not your actual body.  Often people are more critical towards themselves than necessary.  If your attitude screams "this is an awesome girl you'd totally want to hang with," chances are he'll be doing the asking, not the other way around.  But work on your attitude and your body image first.  A guy can't fix that.  Only you can.
  2.  "why am i only fuckable and not lovable"  -- I want to give you a hug.  You are loveable.  Just have some patience.  Sex isn't love.  Love is love.  If someone isn't willing to love you before you have sex with them, they are the wrong person.  
  3. "biggest fatty girl in tha world" -- hmmm.... I think you've got the wrong girl?  But thanks for playing!
  4. "fetish world plump girl vs guy" -- erm, what?  I don't think I'm qualified to answer this one.
  5. "sexiest fat girl in the world" -- aww, thanks