My surgery in photos


I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one.  

Aggressive exercise and calorie restriction?  WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE.

I may be no doctor, but this flies in the face of current (and long-standing) Center for Disease Control studies that say for people to lose weight & keep it off long term, they're better off doing it through slow and deliberate behavioral change:

So let's go with anecdotal evidence

Who among you has had any long-term success with "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction"?

Who among you has found "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction" just fosters yo-yo dieting, unhealthy physical and psychological habits, and in the long-term just doesn't work?

And if that's not enough...

Let's look at Dr. H's own body of work -- how well did "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction" work for his Biggest Loser patients who may have lost the weight, but seriously fucked up their metabolism (and their mental well-being) in the process and just gained the weight (and in some cases extra) back? 

They Can Rebuild Her!

No one makes "Bionic Woman" gear -- this will just have to suffice.

So a little under two weeks before my surgery (L5-S1 fusion on 7/15/16).  I'm not supposed to take any meds (I don't usually -- mainly cause the ones that I have don't work, and the side effects suck) and no vitamins (I do every day) because some meds interfere with the fusion process.

Physically, I'm in a lot of pain right now, and just trying to get through the day.  This usually means a lot of lying down with my kitties and ice packs. But when I can, I try to get out and walk.  Working through the pain (instead of letting it dictate my mood and my movement) will also help hasten my recovery.  #BigGirlUnderroos

Emotionally, I'm still all over the place.  I'm kinda angry that we didn't do this sooner (a chance to be able to get a disc replacement?), scared for how everything is going to turn out, hopefully for possibly getting some parts of my life back (volunteering at WARL, sports, sleeping on my stomach).  I'm excited to maybe talk about some other aspects of fitness other than spine injuries.

I'm struggling with #BodyKindness.  I know my body needs all the love and compassion that I can throw at it.  But I sometimes get lost on tangents of me being angry at my body, my injury, my prognosis.

Being lost is okay -- so long as you know how to get back to the truth of who you are.