I'm calling BULLSHIT on this one.  

Aggressive exercise and calorie restriction?  WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE.

I may be no doctor, but this flies in the face of current (and long-standing) Center for Disease Control studies that say for people to lose weight & keep it off long term, they're better off doing it through slow and deliberate behavioral change:

So let's go with anecdotal evidence

Who among you has had any long-term success with "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction"?

Who among you has found "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction" just fosters yo-yo dieting, unhealthy physical and psychological habits, and in the long-term just doesn't work?

And if that's not enough...

Let's look at Dr. H's own body of work -- how well did "aggressive exercise and caloric restriction" work for his Biggest Loser patients who may have lost the weight, but seriously fucked up their metabolism (and their mental well-being) in the process and just gained the weight (and in some cases extra) back? 


I've done aggressive, I've done casual (and I've done nothing, but that's beside the point). Casual, slow weight loss with moderate exercise has always been the best for me. Aggressive exercise/diet worked, but never for long. The weight has always come back, without fail.


His recommendations sound like a recipe for injury. I'm surprised he didn't respond by recommending a nutrition-poor juice fast! Small changes over time have worked for me. That kind of regimen is neither sustainable, nor healthy. I've never heard of this Dr. Is he like Dr. Oz?


He is the doctor behind Rhe Biggest Loser.


Aggressive exercise? That phrase just sounds all kinds of wrong. Throwing red flags everywhere.


So, by Dr. H's description, I should risk possibly never walking again with my jacked up knees in order to lose weight?!? No thanks, I will stick to slow and steady....the weight didn't go on overnight, it isn't coming off overnight.

I used to love TBL...it's lost its luster for me.

I'll keep my OTF workouts with coaches like Todd and Shelby!


Love THIS!!! I had weight loss success on a commercial plan, but for weight maintenance, I switched over to a LCHF/Paleo/mild keto. Finally success after 40 years of yo-yoing by a calories in-calories out approach which NEVER worked for me. EVER.

Glad you spoke out about what many of us know to be true. :)


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