Housekeeping Post

1. I did NOT reach my July goal of getting to 190.  I'm kinda hanging around 195.  I know this is, in part, due to gaining muscle, so I'm not too freaked out by it. 

2. But I am still getting my "reward" of a mini-vacation to NYC because I have to be up there for parties on Aug. 21 and Aug. 28, and my dad's birthday is Aug. 22,  so I'm just going to stay up there the week in-between.  I figure the "punishment" is having Emily kick my ass a bit.

3. My amazing friend, Tara, is doing the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team in Training.  Help her reach her $1800 fundraising goal!

4.  Every year I get an amazing gift for my birthday:  Shark Week!  In honor of Shark Week, remember to be fearless, graceful, and to chew your food really well.

5.  Yeah, I turn 29 in a week.  I weigh less now than I did at 19.  Ain't that a headscratcher?  As I get older there are fewer things I want for my birthday.  As simple as it seems, all I really want is a day where I don't have to worry about everyone else.  I don't want to have to coordinate anything, I don't want to worry about anyone else's dietary preferences/needs.  I just want to do my thing.  Part of this is because I get depressed every year around my birthday as well as bad things happening around my birthday.  If I could go a year where I don't get dumped, my leg isn't in a cast, it's actually remembered, no one shows signs of terminal illnesses, or there are no fights, I'll be happy.

6.  Please, if I'm not following your blog and should be, please let me know.  Between Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter, there are a lot of people to be keeping track of!

Isn't Phoenix handsome?? He's a really good guy that loves a thorough belly rub.  I mean, who doesn't? He's currently being fostered, but contact the Washington Animal Rescue League if you're interested in this lovebug, or if you want to make a donation (money donations or from their wish list).  I know we're also running low on slip leads.

Phoenix Foster Care Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Age: Adult   Size: Large

Phoenix is an 8-year-old Lab Mix. Phoenix and his brother were surrendered to the League when their owner moved somewhere that did not allow pets. He is a very sweet boy, who loves to romp and play. Phoenix has always lived with another dog, so we'd like to send him home with a calm canine companion.


Woo hoo on vacations!! I think the progress you're making is FANTASTIC!! I love the fact that you know you're building muscle - you go girl!!

You should be following my blog :)


Why I don't fret about muscles:
1. they look fantastic
2. they feel fantastic
3. they're burning calories even when i'm not
4. did I mention they look fantastic
5. they make me look intimidating
6. they are proof that the work is working.

I added you to my gReader and my blogroll :)


Yes, please follow me, too! :)

Good for you about weighing less now than at 19. And same goes for liking your muscles! So many women don't like them, but they are wonderful and lean. And Phoenix is beautiful. We're looking to get a doggie next year when we move, so I'll look to that place for a lovely one. :)


You've come such a long way - celebrate!
Hope you have an amazing stress-free birthday!!


Don't forget to change your About Me this week. :)


Thanks Rae!

And David -- it's the last time I'll ever have to change it. I plan to be perpetually 29.


wow that's amazing progress and yes you do look awesome you have achieved so much, healthy goals must remain flexible that way we don't get to disheartened :)

Not sure if you have my blog down or not, i am on your reader :)


I have your blog, simon :)

And i am not getting disheartened -- this is going to be for the rest of my life.


Butt kicking confirmed!


You should definitely be following my blog. I just am that awesome ;)

Okay, I'm not actually that narcissistic but I do like your blog a lot and would love for you to check mine out.


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