Happy 101 Award

I'm so bad about following the rules for awards unless I do them the minute I get them... so here goes... 

Here are the 3 rules:

Post who gave it to ya!

Thanks to the award giver, who wishes to remain anonymous.  (I think you're pretty awesome too :P **pulls left ear and winks**)
State 10 things you like:
1.  Mac N3 Studio Fix Powder -- finally a powder for the very pale girls with sensitive skin!

2.  Teaism Chai -- it's a warm and happy drink.  The right amount of spiciness.

3.  My KitchenAid Stand Mixer -- it's part kitchen appliance, part foreplay.

4.  Chobani Greek Yogurt (plain or raspberry) -- it helps me get my protein in the morning, even when
my tummy isn't cooperating

5.  Precor Elliptical 576i -- even though she might be my cruel mistress, she's never abandoned me and has always reminded me that I can finish.

6.  Body Glide.  Seriously people... prevent chafing wherever it occurs -- thighs, under your sports bra, shoes.  Why suffer the blisters or the red skin when you don't have to?

7, 8, 9.  Harmony Creek Farm handmade herbal soaps, Burberry London perfume, and Victoria's Secret underwear.  Three things that I use/wear every day to feel sexy if for no one else but myself.
10. My bed. I think I'll be heading over there soon.

Give this award to 10 other bloggers!  [OMG this is hard b/c I love EVERY blog I read for different reasons...]

1.  Lucy at Diminishing Lucy whose blog hop really introduced me to the fitness blog community. She's also a fantastic mom, which I totally admire.

2.  Also on the list of fantastic moms is Karen at Muffin Fixation.   She is honest, open, and a quick wit.  Three things I love in blog and a person.

3.  Jess at Half of Jess.  I absolutely adore this panda.  I'm so glad she's now living in the same city as me, as it will give me a chance to give her a big hug.

4.  Tara at 263 and Counting.  She is one of the most warm and loving people I think I've met on my journey thus far.  Not saying you're all not, but you all don't send me lovely note cards with Optimus Prime Band Aids on them.  Just sayin....

5.  Chris (I know, a guy!) of Fuck You Cookie. Sometimes I think we take turns being each other's number one fan.  I would really like to see him succeed in the whole weight loss/health gain journey.  He's a really awesome guy and I hope he remembers always that there's someone out there that thinks that.

 6.  Vinny (another guy!) at Fat to Fit Diary, who can, even at my worst moments, remind me that there are good, honest, direct, nurturing, hopeful, kind, sweet, intelligent, and handsome men out there. And he's ever so patient for doing it so often.  Kudos him for fighting the good fight.

7.  Michelle at Hit the Bricks.  I'll just say that she brings out the silly in me.

8. Alicia at Poise in Parma.   Nutella is a health food, right?

9.  Alejandra Ramos over at Always Order Dessert who reminds me time and time again that a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, when used correctly, is a deadly weapon.

10.  And last, but certainly not least, my beautiful cousin, Kristin of Always with a Book.  I might be biased because she's family, but I think she has one of the best book blogs out there. 


Girl, you are too good to me! Thanks for including me in this list of wonderful bloggers. Now go eat some Nutella for goodness sake... :)


Oh sweets, thank you so much. It is a rare treat for anyone to tell me I am a good Mumma. So thank you. Heaps. xx


Alicia -- you know me and nutella. If i own it, it doesn't stay around for long. Hahha. They need to make nutella in smaller jars for those of us with impulse control problems.

Lucy -- Why is it a rare treat that someone says you're a good mom? You love those kids more than anything else -- and you show it in all of your actions. That's the definition of a good mother to me.


I love 7 8 and 9 - I love that you take the effort to make yourself feel sexy and appreciated! I wear cotton panties instead of lacy stuff WAY too often...


Sarah -- I have cotton stuff that's lacy. But I save the granny panties for the gym. I sweat in them and then they go into the hamper. That's their foray into the world.

But all the cute stuff.... they need more miles on them. Today I'm wearing really cute Fredericks of Hollywood underwear: http://www.fredericks.com/Angelina_Microfiber_Boy_Short/52979,default,pd.html?cgid=pa8


Thanks for much for the award...I'm so bummed we couldn't meet up last week. I've been so busy this past week, I haven't had much time to spend on the internet surfing my favorite blogs and even reading me google reader...things should start slowing down after today...I hope!

Love reading your blog - love that you aren't afraid to put it all about there and really say how you're feeling/thinking!

Thanks again for the award and also, thanks for reading and following my blog!


Kristin -- my dear and beautiful cousin... I am sad we didn't get to meet up when I was in NY, but it's okay. I know how to find you :P

I love reading your blog -- it's opened me up to at least knowing about genres that i'm not entirely familiar with (i'm ms. classic lit & crime thriller).

I might not always comment, but i'm always reading!


Robby, thanks so much for the kind words. Your support has meant a lot to me over the past few weeks. You've helped to remind me that a struggle doesn't equal a fall and that everyone has the power to change... including me (a guy).


Chris -- You're always going to have my support.
Sometimes I think I want you to succeed more than I want myself to succeed. I know what a change it will mean for you and your life.

Struggle is a natural part of life. It's all about how we deal with it.


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