Eat Fresh I wish all made-to-order places had cal...

I wish all made-to-order places had calculators like this!
There's a pile of nutrition information packages from some of my favorite lunch places, but nothing as easy as this.
Subway might be back in my good graces, if only for its simplicity, not so much for its quality.

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  1. Subway is the onlt fast food place I will consider these days. I don't go there often, when I do it is usually because of the pressure placed on me by the kids who love the place. Better they love that than BK or McD. Still, I don't consider Subway the place to go for healthy options, but amongst the fast food chains it is the only option for me.

  2. I don't generally go there either -- but I was halfway in the door towards a gigantic bowl of pasta.

  3. Subway is my home away from home - I eat there at least 2ice / week - it's better than Mcdonalds...

  4. I don't usually like their stuff.
    I'm a spoiled NYer (that lives in DC)... I like real delis :)


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