I've been a bad, bad, girl

I'm not wearing my Body Media Fit.
I'm not food logging.
I've not been in a gym since August 11th.

I've not been on a scale since August 10th.

What does this all mean? 
Either I've been real off my game OR (and the way I'm choosing to interpret things) is that my vacation is also about not letting the numbers or the back pain define me.  I'm measuring this week entirely by enjoyment.  And well, there's been a lot of that.


or it could mean that you need to be spanked?! heheheheheh
kiddin' kiddin'


Enjoyment is good,real good. Is vacation over? Or just getting good??


Alexia -- no one has spanked me in a very long time. I'd like to see someone try.

Patrick -- vacation is just getting started, really :)


Good for you! Hope you have lots and lots of fun!!


**passes the rum & coke*** and then some!


Sometimes you just got let down your hair and enjoy yourself!! We can't always be defined by our food and exercise lifestyle. Ever once in awhile we have to let the bad girl out!


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