New York State of Mind

Some business first:

I just want to start highlighting some blogs that I love reading -- not just a whole site, but particular entries -- that I think are helpful, funny, or identifiable as part of the weight loss process:

1.  Ms. Bitch Cakes writes about feeling satisfied about food and being comfortable with your hunger.

2. Jack Sh*t reminds us that there's always a way to find time to exercise.

3. We all have bad days.  KyotoCake writes about having the support to get you through those bad days until good days are on the horizon.

4. After resting on it, Rescuing Lisa finds a healthy way to deal with negative comments.

5. And last, but certainly not least, HalfofJess not only moves across country to start a new chapter in her life, but she does it ??lbs lighter.  You gotta read to find out!

Before there was JayZ and Alicia Keys' "Empire State of Mind" there was Billy Joel, and "New York State of Mind."  Heck. If you're from NYC/Long Island, just about any Billy Joel song can remind you of home (okay, except for "River of Dreams"). 

And I'm definitely in a New York state of mind.  I'll be going up tomorrow and returning to DC on August 29th.  And yes, I count the number of days up there in the number of days I'll be away from my cats.  I love my woozles, oh yes I do.  Yep. Destined to be a weird cat lady. Oh well, guess I won't need this.

I'm attending a Mr. North concert, Bridal Shower #1, and a family party.  My dad's birthday is on Sunday as well, and I hope to visit some family and friends while I have a car at my disposal (I don't normally rent a car, but since I have to drive to middle-of-nowhere NJ for the bridal shower, I'll have a coche this time around).

I haven't been food logging or exercising lately.  I know I'm bad, but as you have all pointed out, my primary focus should be on healing my back.  That's not to say I'm behaving badly, but I'm just focusing on what's important.

Ever notice the small and subtle shifts that your mind makes even when your body doesn't?  For my birthday I wanted to do something physical (kayaking) and on my birthday wish list on I had requested a duplicate pair of my gym shoes (so I can keep one at home and one at work/gym) as well as workout videos and a new yoga mat (though I'm considering getting something a bit larger like this).


New York can't wait to have you here!!!


Amy -- Official NY Spokeswoman™


Yay for visiting NY, but boo that you're only going to be in NYC and not UPSTATE where it's actually *gorgeous* this time of year! :-) Do I sound biased? ha ha! I'm just kidding! I hope you have a total blast in NYC!


Ooh, I like your Amazon wish list. Nice! If you ever get anything that's on the list that you're not fond of, you can always send it to me! :) Kidding! Great choices though, I really like them!


Christine -- I'm from Brooklyn. Upstate is like going to canada. It's totally foreign to me, but I can mentally allow that it's beautiful up there this time of year.

Natalia -- it's the curse of having good taste -- not having many things but the things you have being fabulous :)


NY, me, and Nibbles can't wait to have you here. Nibbles is resting and being fat in preparation of your arrival.


Hope you had a safe journey




Have SO much fun in New York! Can we pleaseeeee hang out when you get back?!


Awww thank you!! :) I'm going to go check out the other blogs you linked to...


Jess... yes and without a doubt we will hang out..

MissssCakeyDollface -- you should :)


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