The Stages of Woman

First things first -- thank you to everyone who helped calm me down after the Great Cookie Meltdown of 2010.  After all of that, I went to the gym this morning as planned and ran 8k on the elliptical (on a 10/8, 4/1 crossramp/resistance interval program) in 58 minutes.  I came home and was down .4 lbs.  Who knows what that could be from but at least mentally I know I didn't gain 10 lbs, I didn't undo my progress.  I'm just absolutely mental about everything.  But I'm so incredibly thankful to have my friends who know what it's like.  You all know that it wasn't the cookies (it could have been anything) but it was the panic of undoing my progress, of being the fat girl once again and for ever more.

One person's comment inspired a post, actually.  Shakespeare famously wrote about the Seven Stages of Man.  I wondered what Shakespeare would have writen about all the stages of a woman's body.  If you think about it, our bodies go through radical changes (youth, adolescence, puberty, child-bearing age, maturity, menopause), sometimes so fast that our minds don't even notice the change.  And I think, to a point, we're not encouraged to honor and celibrate those changes.

I'm thinking about the comment, and the friend, and the radical change her body is going through right now.  She's jealous of my body, but for as much as I'm not sure as to whether I want to be a mother, I would love to be pregnant.  Her body is a beautiful factory for new life.  That's something I'm in absolute awe of ((not to mention her two sons are GORGEOUS little boys)).

Celebrities have personal trainers to help them get off the baby weight, but everyone else is left to their own devices.  New moms are told by magazines how to lose the baby weight quickly and get their figure back.  I find that to be a shame.  There's nothing more beautiful and poignant in the world than not just a pregnant woman but a mother and how her body gives her child life from conception to weaning.

I'm reminded of what my mom said about our bodies -- that our bodies were designed to be strong because of the necessities of pregnancy and motherhood.  So too our bodies (and minds) are strong to deal with everything else life has to throw at us.  We just need to open up our minds and hearts to the possibilities that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

[[Addendum:  do I even need to tell you all how many times someone has thought I was pregnant -- asked me how far along I am, whether it's a boy or a girl, if it's my first....]]


I dont carry the majority of my weight in my stomach area so I never get asked if I am preggers... people just know i am heavy haha...

Glad you made a smooth recovery from the cookies...

lots of <3


I would never ask a woman if shes pregnant unless she looks like the picture you posted!


and yes a woman's body is beautiful--no matter what simply for the fact that we give life---our bodies are amazing and do that for us.


Lisa -- well i used to be 240lbs... and with bad posture. I could reasonably see why people thought i was preggers.

And you're right -- our bodies ARE amazing. Hoorah!


Don't get fixated on the scale ... talk about something that can bug you mentally. Have a day, or maybe two, for weigh-in day. I use Thursday and Friday. The scale can vary so much from day to day for many reasons. Time to move on from the cookie meltdown ... you're entitled to a cookie or five every once in a while. :)


Everyone is going to have indulgences or binges once in a while, try not to beat yourself up about it. Sounds like you had a great workout today and are back on track, and that's all that matters. Keep up the good work! :)


I don't have a set weigh in date -- i only weigh myself when I know I've been sticking to the plan and feel good about myself. It's not that i want to see a good number, it's that if I don't see a good number, I know i'm still going to stick with the program.


I don't think there is anything cuter than a pregnant woman! I can't wait to be ready for that experience. More so for the being pregnant than the actual kids. :)


Wow - you've had a crazy few days. I'm glad to see you didn't let the cookie incident derail you. Keep at it, girl!!


Eunice -- i am better when i can hand kids back to their parents.


I am woman hear me ROAR!!!!


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