Mi Apologia...

I'm sorry I've been absent in your lives... I spent the weekend turning a year older, killing a phone, kayaking a river, eating LO...

I'm sorry I've been absent in your lives...

I spent the weekend turning a year older, killing a phone, kayaking a river, eating LOTS of amazing food, and really just feeling loved and celebrated. 

I am sorry if I don't get caught up on blogs as fast as I hope, but do know that I am thinking of you all....

So Sunday was my birthday.  One of my BFFs, Emily (who called me called me "Skinny" when we first saw each other (we haven't seen each other in months) and totally made my weekend!!) came to visit me.

Myself, Emily, my brother, and two friends from college went kayaking around the Potomac River.  So much fun!!

After that we went to a bar and had some drinks and some food (I had turkey sliders and 2 Abita Purple Haze beers).  Then we went to my casa to get ready for dinner.  We (myself, emily, my brother, his girlfriend Gina, my friend Evan, my coworkers Blake and Jen) went to Cafe St. Ex.  Evan, Emily and I then finished off the night with wine at Cork.

All-in-all it was a perfect day (excepting ruining my cell phone and making it hard for people to figure out where in the itinerary we were, despite staying pretty much on target!).

Today, Emily and I went to get manicures/pedicures, get some fantastic food at Farmers & Fishers, do a little shopping at H&M, visit our friend's name on the National Law Enforcement Memorial, get some froyo, jump in the pool and then return Emily to the bus that would take her home.

I then went and had drinks/dinner with friends at a bar.

I spent a whole weekend not caring about calorie counts (but I kept my activity level up) knowing full well that tomorrow morning, I go nose to the grindstone.

[[EDIT:  How's this for the cutest birthday greeting EVER!?!?!]]

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  1. You killed a phone!! OOh how was kayaking??

  2. Kayaking was AMAZING. The weather was perfect. Everyone got along. It was just really good to do something that was physical and relaxing with people I loved!

    As for the phone... We went to beach our boats so we could jump in the water and cool off (those of us that had bathing suits on) and i got out of the boat and promptly was knee-high in silt. I had my phone in my fanny pack (I know... I know) instead of the water-tight pouch i brought (b/c people were sending me birthday wishes via text) and well... dead as a doornail. It wasn't submerged, but it got wet enough.

  3. My hubby briefly worked at wal-mart and he had *many* people come in with similar phone ruinage stories. Good luck on a new one though!

    I'm dying to kayak. I've heard such good things :)

  4. That's why i have the equipment replacement program -- but I actually upgraded to the LG Rumor Touch. I'm enjoying it so far... but this might be one phone that i need to read the manual for.

    Kayaking was so much fun. We did it for 3 hours at a leisurely pace and I burned 600 calories or so.

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I wouldn't worry about not counting calories, you deserved a break and you took it!

  6. I think another part of it was that i was running too high deficits for a while (too much activity and not enough appetite). It was a good reminder for my body that I know how to eat.

  7. Happy Birthday!! There is something really awesome about August birthdays (mine is Wednesday), I think. I'm actually doing my first blog weigh in on Wednesday, which is a little scary but it is keeping me in check, food wise. I'm going to keep logging my food until Saturday, which will be my drankin'/celebratin' time. :)

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  9. Lizzie -- Happy (day early) birthday!! And kudos for taking a stand on your birthday.

    MMW -- Thank you!

    Rae -- not long enough, ever!

  10. Happy Birthday!!! Ooh... I want to go kayaking so bad! I was actually going to do so for my birthday but alas, Seattle weather did not agree with the plan.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday - Glad you had a great time you skinny gurl!

  12. Agh! Belated happy birthday wishes to you lady! :) I hope it was fantastic, it sure sounds like it was. Love the picture of the kayak - pure enjoyment! Sounds like you had a really great weekend of enjoyment and enjoyable activity! :)

  13. Well at least it died for a good cause. Birthday greetings rock!

    And oh my gosh, CUTE birthday song!

  14. Awesome - good on you - sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! Happy Birthday for Sunday xxx

  15. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a great weekend. I found you through #Fitblog, looking forward to reading more.

    Winks & Smiles,

  16. Hey! Happy Birthday!

    Sorry I'm a little late.


  17. JAFG-- it's okay -- I am so bad at remember everyone's birthdays even when they tell me!


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