I totally cheated...

So I haven't been to the gym since August 10th because my back hurt.
Tonight I ran 8.25km in 60 minutes on the elliptical doing my favorite interval program of 10 incline 8 resistance then 4 incline 1 resistance.  It felt good to be back.  I didn't do any weights because I didn't want to press my luck with my back.

And then I came home and weighed myself (this is how I cheated).
Despite everything I'm -2.2lbs at 192.4.
I can see 190 from here.


AWESOME! what a great workout for a first day back in the gym! i hope you're feeling great and pain free tomorrow!


Thanks Steff -- I'm hoping the same thing.
But just in case I'll be applying some ice tonight.


Ha that's your body loving you back!! xxx


Congrats on the workout!!!

P.S. You have a blog award waiting for ya on my blog :P


Sometimes your body just needs a change...coming to NY, not gymming...
so proud! love you!


It's always tough when the routine gets broken, but good on you for getting straight back into it :)


Andrea -- I hope it's my body thanking me. Hopefully I've earned a few points by giving it a vacation. I hope to cash those points in at the gym.

Jessica -- thank you for the award! You're a peach!

Emily -- walking across the queensboro bridge a few times.... finding some happiness.... losing some happiness... leaning on friends the right way.... all these things add up. I think I'm gonna dedicate those -2.2 to Claire [Clare?].

Mark -- I think sometimes things need to be broken a little. I mean, think about a good pair of jeans or sneakers. They don't fit right until they're broken in. Maybe a routine needs to be broken in order for it to work again properly.


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