i am typing this entry on my cellphone, so please forgive me if it isnt't as pretty or as eloquent as it usually is. my neighbor that had formerly provided me with an unsecured network has now secured his or her network. further proof that i am cheap (i can afford internet but i do not want cable or a phone) and lazy (dc has tons of wifi spots around the city.

so the point of all of this? well my cats are good at predicting my health and wellbeing. if their actions are any indication, i will be dead soon. okay maybe that is a touch melodramatic, but right now they are both sleeping on me as i am lying in bed.

lying in bed at 5pm on a sunday, you ask? my back isnt feeling any better (i was walking around dc with family yesterday further exascerbating the issue-especially b/c it was on hard marble and concrete), and my lady bits are mounting a revolution or so it seems. add in the weather giving me a headache and there ya go. in bed on a sunday evening.

i hate feeling sorry for myself.


I hate it when people who pay for their internet access, prevent others from leeching off of them. It's selfish if you ask me... :p

Why not get up and do something enjoyable and uplifting. Put on a funny movie or listen to some good music. Can you get YouTube on your cell? Always something good on there.

Hope you cheer up :)


Back pain is the WORST. I luckily got control of what's going on with mine & haven't been bed ridden. Hope you get this figured out & you're back on your feet bouncing around as usual in no time. Till then, keep on snuggling with the kitties!


Rest is best, especially where back pain is concerned. Take Care!


Sometimes you have to listen to your body and just be a bum. The best thing you can do for the back is stretch it and rest! Big HUGS!!


Big love to ya babe, not much I can say because you know you best but I'm still sending those good vibes your way!!


Mark, my whole theory (which has not been proven or disproven in a court of law) is that no one has asked for rights-of-way access to transmit their wireless connection through my apartment. That's 30+ wireless signals that are going into my apartment that might disrupt any wireless signal already there, and/or who knows, might cause dementia. How that means I should have the right to use their unsecured network, we'll never know, but I can let the lawyers figure that one out if it ever comes to it.

As per my back -- yeah, it's a heinous injury and really all I can do is listen to my body when it's saying to rest. I know better than to poke that bear :(


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