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I might draw some ire for this one, but I really don't see the point in drinking skim milk. I know some people prefer skim milk, as (...

I might draw some ire for this one, but I really don't see the point in drinking skim milk.

I know some people prefer skim milk, as (1) fat is EVIL (skim is less than 0.5% fat) and (2) calories are TO BE AVOIDED (whole, 1% and 2% have more calories than skim because they contain fat), but to me it is joyless, soulless, and comparable to non-alcoholic beer.  Seriously, what's the point?

So say you're drinking 8 oz of milk a day...
Whole = 146 calories, 8g fat, 8g protein
2%= 122 calories, 4.2g fat, 8g protein
1%= 102 calories, 2.4g fat, 8g protein
Skim= 83 calories, .2g fat, 8g protein

I'd rather risk those 63 calories and drink some of the most delicious, wonderful, natural products on this green earth than drink some over-processed joyless crap.  I mean, my milk comes from cows that I could go meet.  They are milked once a day, get to eat lots of grass, and are fed very little grain.  They aren't given antibiotics (unless they get sick, which is rare) and they aren't given hormones ever.

I would rather drink those 63 calories in butterfat (which contains some healthy unsaturated fats as well as unhealthy saturated fats) rather than rationalize getting those 63 calories from something else that might be harmful (i.e. all the unnatural, processed crap that is pumped full of Nutrients! and Minerals! and Health! to suit the science and fads of the time).

Worse, though, are the people who are not lactose intolerant/sensitive (sorry guys) can't ever imagine drinking regular milk, but love soy milk, rice milk, or nut milks.  Seriously?  I don't understand why milk from a cow, goat, or sheep is so bad in their eyes.  Sure, I've tried them, but they just aren't as refreshing (to me) as a nice cold glass of milk and a dish of strawberries or peaches.

Don't tsk me when I order my hot chocolate with whole milk.  Don't think my ass got fat from drinking milk.  It's part of me getting my health back.  I rarely drink soda, I rarely drink fruit juices that don't involve eating the flesh as well.  I don't drink coffee.  Let me have my milk.

You might ask, FGvW, what brought this on?  Well I was at Whole Foods and had the pleasure of meeting Warren Taylor of Snowville Creamery.  He's like me, or rather, I'm like him.  He believes that industrialization has ruined the beauty and natural goodness of milk, and that deconstructing that process can restore milk to its former glory as an integral part of our diets.  His milk tastes just like the milk I get from Clear Spring Creamery at the farmer's market:  fresh, pure, and delicious.

Just give milk a second chance, please?  For me?

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  1. My husband is a milk fanatic! That being said, he drinks skim milk. Why? Well he doesn't drink 8 oz of milk a day... or 16 oz.. a normal milk day for him is around 24 oz or more. 24 oz is more like what he drinks with dinner. So, those calories add up. Me on the other hand, I'm a different bag of tricks all together. I drink almond milk. :)

  2. Hm...I grew up on skim. Really can't stomach anything creamier, sorry!

  3. Even at 24 oz, it's still better than regular soda and most juices. But I applaud you both knowing what's best for the choices you make.

    I drank 16 oz with my dinner. I loved every second of it.

  4. I've been drinking soy or almond milk for so long that I don't even remember what moo moo milk tastes like! Is it really good?

  5. Natalia -- I'm very biased -- but fresh milk (like a day old) from a local creamery is absolute HEAVEN!

  6. I do admit, I drink skim too. Just because I drink more than a liter a day, and that is quite a difference in calories. I looked it up, and it's about 40 oz a day.

    Bart and the kids drink semi-skim though, it's indeed creamier. I used to think that skim is more like altered water, but I grew to like it a lot! I don't like the taste of normal milk anymore, these days.

  7. Because I drink milk regulary, and use it as a recovery drink, it's much easier to drink skim than whole milk. It's not for lack of trying - when my son began drinking whole milk, I gave it a try and it just wasn't working. If I'm "saving" 63 calories each time at a minimum of twice a day, that's 126 calories per day or 882 calories in a week or 1,890 calories in a 30-day month. Spread that out over a year and that's almost 23,000 "extra" calories, or a little more than 6 pounds.

  8. Gudrun:

    By all means, if you're drinking that much a day -- drink the skim milk or 1%. But it just gets to me when people balk at the idea of drinking whole milk -- as if something is fundamentally wrong with it.

    I drink 2% or whole myself -- that's because most of the milk I get is from the farm and either is whole and unhomogenized and i keep the cream on or I take some of the cream off (give it to the kitties).

  9. David -- I'd rather those calories (for me) come from milk than from beer, bar food, sugary cereals, soda, etc.

    So they're not "extra" to me -- they're part of my meal plan.

  10. Personally anything above skim is just too thick for me. Blech. Calories or not I stick with my skim.

  11. Anonymous -- I guess that means no milkshakes, protein shakes, or smoothies for you.

    S'okay. More for me!

  12. I only drink skim and Almond Milk as well. It doesn't have much to do with calories, but more that I grew up on skim and just the texture and look of anything more than skim doesn't do it for me. I can take it IN things, but not to drink it. I had 2% on accident the other day and I actually thought it had spoiled.

    Everyone has to do what works for them, right?! Enjoy your milk!

  13. Amen!! I actually don't like the taste of milk or cream and don't drink it - but I LOVE full-fat cheese and yogurt! People forget that extra calories keep you fuller longer. Whatever I save in calories by eating low-cal foods, I still eat elsewhere in the day because I'm still hungry... it all balances out in the end :)

  14. I've had all of them. Skim, low fat, reduced fat and whole. And I really just prefer skim or low fat. Whole is alright occasionally, but I can't drink it on a daily basis, or with cereal. It just feels heavy.

    Plus, there's no actual purpose (for human body) for drinking whole milk. We don't need that fat (baby cows do though).

    But, I've had all types of milks and I must say, I like them all. Except yak. I'll drink it but that thing is PUNGENT.

  15. Good call! I grew up suffering with watery blue skim milk--it's all my mom would buy because she thought I was a little chubby. It sucked. Tasted horrible on our puffed rice, was not a pleasure to drink. Having my own little girls meant that I needed to buy whole milk, and though I don't drink milk by the glass unless I'm having cookies or cake, I do enjoy 1% or 2% on my occasional bowl of cereal. We buy strictly organic or local milk, it tastes better and I don't want my little girls' bodies hit with all those nasty growth hormones. With the good stuff, 1% tastes like 2%, 2% is like whole, and whole is decadent. I did not get fat from milkfat, and cutting fat in silly places is not how I lose weight.

  16. Milk is great skimmed all the way though :) for what is a modest amount of calories oz for oz it provided so much for our bodies.

  17. You know, just like all things, it takes time to develop a taste for whole milk. I'm not saying everyone should be drinking it, but no one should demonize it. We need fat (not just the baby cows) and if I'm going to get it, I'd rather have NATURAL fats rather than fats from things like margerine, snack foods, deep fried foods, etc.

    Jess, I appreciate your note. I shall try to avoid yak milk.

  18. Nothing wrong with whole milk: the kids drank it when they were little, but the problem is that Bart drinks it too, easily 20 oz at a time, and he's not really getting any thinner lately :-p So if I can reduce his calory intake by buying semi-skimmed for him, I will. Can't deny him the chocolate or stuff like that without him getting annoyed :-p

    And you're right: if you like it, milk fresh from the farmer is delicious!

  19. Gudrun -- you'd love the chocolate milk I get from the farmer's market -- they add the chocolate in during the pasteurization process -- it's so delicious. Who needs chocolate ice cream!?!?

  20. My question is why is everyone drinking so much milk?!? 24-40 oz? Yikes!! Like with any beverage - including coffee, tea, soda - moderation is the key, especially for something not intended for human adults but for babies' brain development.

    I'm right there with Fat Girl vs. World. Whole milk is heavenly. I grew up on skim milk and now it makes me gag. The fat in the whole milk helps your body to absorb essential nutrients like Vitamin D and calcium. Without the fat in skim milk, your body is unlikely to be absorbing these nutrients and so you're basically drinking milk not for health but taste (like soda). Since making the switch from non-fat to whole milk, I have NOT gained weight but feel healthier (skin, hair, etc). And I'm just like everyone here who has to work hard to reach my ideal weight.

  21. I know it's strange but I've always liked skim milk much better. I don't know why. I like whole milk too but I've never liked 2%. Every once in a while I do induldge in milk in general but because of sinus issues I'm supposed to avoid dairy for the most part. Now I want some milk...

  22. I've never been a fan of milk. Anything over 2% always tastes like liquid butter to me. Weird, I know!

  23. mmhmmmm liquid butter...
    I think people are very much influenced by what is given to them and/or what is available. If no one ever gave you skim milk, would you drink it?

    And there's not too much of a difference between whole (3.75%) and 2% milk.

  24. Now liquid butter sounds good! I drink a glass about every other day, whatever is in the house or at the cafeteria, the % is no matter to me. I can taste the difference in them of course.

    Honestly I have never been a milk lover. I do drink it, do cook with it, and enjoy it. My mentality of milk is probably more of a condiment, something to add to recipes and have as a drinkonce in a while. I know people who love the stuff and have it at every meal. I've just never caught the milk bug.

  25. if you don't love it, why do you drink it, patrick?

  26. I just don't care for the creamy texture, I guess....I like how skim milk is thin like water but tastes so good....I guess I'm not a fan of thick drinks!

  27. Good God, just about every commenter here is saying how they don't like whole milk, and I seem to detect just a leeeetttle bit of snootiness in it.
    I, for one, love whole milk. You go, fat girl!


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