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So yesterday I posted about stress and what I go through mentally and physically when I'm stressed out.  I had to go into work today for 3 hours (not onerous).  I decided to go to the gym after.  I did some upper body weights (to help tone my arms for the strapless dress that is in my future).  But since I was alone, I decided to do something I've never done:  run on a treadmill.  Not just run on a treadmill, but doing moderate wind sprints for a minute with a 30 second recovery.  I did 10 of them.  And I didn't fall off the treadmill!

I then watched the Spain v. Paraguay match on tv (I don't plug in my tv at home) and ran on the elliptical the whole time.  I logged 86 minutes of vigorous activity between the windsprints and elliptical (with a warm up and a cool down).

I will say this time and time again, and I will put it here so that I remember:  One of the reasons I got fat is that I accepted the obstacles as being immovable.  I'm getting healthy because I know I can move the same obstacles.

At the same time, the fat I have on my body is not the enemy.  It is my fuel.  It is my story.  It is what will bring me to where I want to and need to be.


FGVTW, I can't get over how together you are! You just make perfect sense (well in Blog Land you do!). Your posts are most inspiring and intelligent! I am really enjoying reading them!


Awww thanks Andrea. I'm happy to be putting my creative writing degree to good use (it was a minor, along with biological anthropology).

I'll be honest -- comments like yours keep me going!


Too funny - I watched the same game and committed to at least walking on the treadmill throughout. I set it at 2.7 and over an hour later felt pretty good. Way to go!


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