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1.  I'm kinda surprised that there weren't more comments/questions left with my interview with Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Scritch...

1.  I'm kinda surprised that there weren't more comments/questions left with my interview with Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Scritchfield.   (Any feedback would be great!)   I know the information isn't flashy "How to lose X lbs in Y days" but it's the information you will need to make a lifelong change that lasts.  This isn't a sprint.  It's an ultramarathon.

2.  Like I said to Emily, I only want to do this once.  I want to remember every ache. I want to remember every bite.  I want the imprint of this journey to remain with me... so I never gain the weight back ever again.

3.  Speaking of aches and pains... my left hip is killing me....

4.  Because... for 5 glorious minutes of my day, I was one of those people... you know, those people who run in a pack formation on their lunch breaks.

5.  There are days when i eat so much healthy stuff that by the time I put it into the BodyMedia Fit activity manager, I'm way under my calories needed... and yet I feel stuffed. I feel like a hypocrite, especially b/c I'm always on people about not starving themselves...

6.  For some added humiliation and/or TMIness -- here's my online personal ad.  What do you think? 

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  1. Love your ad! Good Luck with it, I tried it myself on and off for years...mainly unlucky and if I'm honest that was because I didn't always behave the best (probably because I didn't like myself) but am happy to say that's how I met the love of my life...and am working on liking myslef (I definitely behave better now!)

  2. Awww Andrea... I think I <3 you. Like bigtime.

    I haven't had much success in any arena when it comes to dating (I haven't had a boyfriend since 2002 and haven't had sex in over 3.5 years). So i'm just trying to keep my options open.

    So what do you mean about behaving badly???

  3. I love the RD interview you posted (this is the first time I've actually read your blog- thanks for sending me that link about BMR). I'm considering seeing one in the future, so it was an interesting read. Hope your hip feels better soon, though!

    Amy Lauren

  4. Hi! You have been nominated for Versatile Blogger! Please come visit to find out the rules.

  5. Love the add. I wish you the best of luck dating is such a pain in the tush! And yes your right losing weight is only something that I wish to complete once! So remembering every ache and struggle is so important because it is such a hard journey!

  6. LOL FG are you going to make me spell it out here..well I guess your blog is a better place for confession than mine ;-) You know getting drunk, putting out, being desperate to be liked...that kind of thing xx

  7. Awww andrea (still <3 you) -- I thought that's what you meant, as that's something I did ALL THE TIME before the whole celibacy thing....

    Though there was the slight chance of you being all godzilla like and being naughty and getting into girlfights.

    There's also the whole sabotaging relationships b/c of how we feel about ourselves -- ie, guy likes you but b/c you keep on saying you're not worthy of being liked, you eventually convince him of that.

  8. The ad is awesome! You're a fantastic writer and witty too. The guys in this city don't know what they're missing out on! Keep loving yourself, the right guy will wander along at some point!

  9. Btw, everyone -- thanks for the love on the ad....
    It's so discouraging to not be hit on/flirted with/asked out in a *very* long time. I take so much solace in knowing that I have friends who still love me even if i'm a spinster.

  10. That's an amazing ad! Very clever...I'm sure the guys will come in droves.

  11. Heather -- the ad has been up for a little over a month (which is still "new" in my mind) and still no droves :(

    I mean, unless you call this charming "I find most of the women who online date to be lonely and desperate. At least you’re a lonely and desperate woman that's actually kind of cute, and from what I’ve read in your profile you seem pretty interesting too."

  12. Hi I came across your blog on another one that I follow. Like the ad idea, but you will find Mr. right someday. Like your blog by the way.

  13. Bienvenido, Debbie! I put the ad up because you just never know where Mr. Right is going to be. I would hope he's out there sometime. Otherwise, it might just be me and the cats for a while.

    Thanks for the love <3!

  14. Regarding your post with Rebecca Scritchfield... One of my posts last week, I think it was tieled "Doctor Please", was a question to others on whether they trust their doctors for advice beyond fixing what ailed them. I was a little surprised how the vast majority trusted their doctors to the degree they do. It is a good thing to feel that way, but i was trying to get at whether people felt more comfortable going to specialists for topics like diet & exercise. Perhaps I didnt ask the question right, it was just a single blog post, but I would have expected more support for specialists than I got.

  15. Patrick -- you're fairly new to me, so I'll have to go back in your archives and read it (unless you want to throw a link up here).

    I think doctors aren't (1) trained to answer diet/nutrition questions and (2) don't have the time for it. I am SO lucky that Rebecca is so available to me (via facebook, twitter, email) for even the tiniest little things. I mean, when I celebrate a victory and post about it, she knows and comments. What doctor does that?

    My gynecologist took more interest in my weight loss than my internist (

    I wish more specialists (1) didn't need a referral and (2) were covered by health insurance. I can go to a cognitive behavioral psychologist and get advice on the cognitive behavioral part of my eating issues, or I could go to Rebecca (who understands the C/B stuff AND knows how to combat it).

  16. I gave you a blog award!! Come on by to see.

  17. Thanks FG I <3 you too!! Yes was very big on self-destructive behaviour and I never quite got it until recently! But am glad to say no girl fights. I too have had a few periods of celibacy - I don't think they are all bad actually, gives time to find the clarity!

  18. I think your ad is great, but I will be honest and say that it might be intimidating to some guys! Unless you're trying to weed out the slightly shyer types, that is - don't know the back story on that. Love the way you describe yourself.

    I did a lot of online dating when I was single and eventually that's how I met my husband. I found that most guys don't actually read an entire profile, or they ignore what you say and contact you anyways even if you've said "x" is important and they are the opposite of "x"! But there are good guys out there doing the online thing, so persevere and chalk up the didn't-work-outs to experience and good stories to tell your kids! lol

    P.S. I totally do that thing about the food - eat lots but super healthy and too-low in terms of calories at the end of the day. Thank God for olive oil, nuts, and avocado!

  19. Awesome ad. Met a few guys after I joined okc in january..but nothing that great. I finally joined again after a few friends found someone good. Found a discount code and signed up for a 6 month membership...1st profile I looked at... I was interested in... we met a week is 2 month anniversary. I should have only got a one month or 2 week trial LOL.

  20. Andrea: You're right about the clarity. I think it has given me the psychological and mental space to really know who I am, what I want, and just what I'm worth. I did the self destructive thing, now working on the self-constructive side.

    SeattleRunnerGirl: You nailed it-- I'm often told that I'm very intimidating. I don't know what it is. I'm a very affable person, but i just come across as intense. I get it from my dad. I think most guys just look at the pictures and the stats. A few read the text. I fully believe there are good guys online. I've met a few of them and they remain friends.

    And re Avocado -- I hated guacamole for so long until I realized that i hate pureed avocado. I make a chunky guac that I just absolutely love. It's such a good little fruit.

    Lafngirl: I was on for a while (a year) to no avail... (


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