I just realized I never posted my goals/rewards.
240 lbs -- my highest (1996-1998)
217 lbs -- my 7/9/2006 weight (physical)
209 lbs -- Feb 2010: when I first got the BodyMedia Fit

1. 200 lbs -- June 2010, no reward. 

2. 190 lbs -- By the end of July 2010 -- Mini-vacation up to NYC

3. 180 lbs -- By the end of August 2010 -- iPod Nano in Blue or Nutsa Spa Signature Body Treatment

4. 170 lbs -- By the end of September 2010 -- Sell unworn London Fog size 14 trench coat; get new smaller one! Get teeth whitened!

5. 165 lbs -- By the end of October 2010 -- fitting in the bridesmaid gown and looking delicious
I want my final rewards to be things that will happen regardless of what weight I'm at.  Though 165 is my "goal" weight, I'd actually be really happy at 175.


I like that you will reward yourself no matter what your weight is. It's nice to reward your efforts. Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my post. You know I started out at 215 lbs and I am now at 174. Wish it came off faster.

Can I say I just love your blog picture. Feisty...


i think rewarding yourself is sooo important! Kudos to you! And go you! I can't wait to see you reach your goals!


Paula, thank you -- I love it too. I was feeling really good that day -- despite wearing a men's medium jersey (the women's XL is too tight across the boobs). I reward myself frequently. Lots of pedicures and healthy food. I just thought it was important to set them out, or put out bigger goals.

Lala... thank you. I can't wait to reach my goals as well!


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