Always trust the fat girl...

Business first:

1.  Thanks for all the love and the support!

2.  If you have a moment, please send some love & support to my dear friend from middle school/high school, who is just on the verge of finding her momentum.

3.  I got sunburned on Sunday pretty badly (I thought the SPF 55 was enough, but I'm very fair skinned).  Man am I itching.  I came home from the gym yesterday and the burn was full of oozing blisters.  FUN!! So um, yeah, cover up when you're not trying to get your D levels up.

4.  Some of the lyrics are cheesy ("got the disease, initiate the remedy"), but I love running to the song "Beautiful Machine."  If not for anything else it makes me think my body is a beautifully tuned machine just aching to put in the work. Don't get me started on the remix of Walk Like an Egyptian that I found thanks to my cousin Niki's suggestion.

5. Now that I'm consistently under 200, the new goal is to be 190 by the end of July, 180 by the end of August, 170 and holding by the end of September.  What do you all think?? Is it doable?

If there's one thing a fat chick knows how to do, that's bake. 
Am I right, or am I right? 

Tomorrow is the birthday of one of my favorite people at work (is it just b/c he calls me "beautiful"???)... and he doesn't want a cake.  So I'm going to squeeeeak by on a technicality.  I'm going to make chocolate mousse with whiskey (I can make anything have booze in it -- from breakfast to dessert).  Fat and Irish. Lethal, I know.

The plan is genius because I don't really like whiskey.  I won't be tempted to eat tons of it -- just a nibble to make sure it won't kill anyone or spontaneously combust...  It won't be like the time I made Always Order Dessert's Italian Rainbow Cake and finished off the tube of almond paste in the process and then demolished the cake with my girlfriends (and made some new guy friends @ the bar)

 Soooo... here's my second question... do you have people in your life that still expect you to eat the same way you did before you had the epiphany?  Do you know any food pushers in your life? How do you handle them?


I think 10 lbs a month is TOTALLY doable!!

And my dad is such a food pusher. I think it's because he wants to eat something unhealthy and he thinks that if I do it...then it's somehow okay because I am also on plan to lose weight. But every day it seems like it is just getting easier and easier to say no :)


I absolutely think 10lbs a month is way doable! I wish I could be that optimistic about how fast I'd lose the weight.

Oh my husband is a total food pusher. I actually revoked his grocery-buying privledges because of it. I still haven't figured out a way to say no when the food is right in front of me though.. if you get a good suggestion on how please let me know!


Yup. You'll do that.

And yeah baby, I sure know how to bake!! Luckily I don't have any pushers around. My mom-in-law makes the richest meals imaginable, but she does understand it when I eat only small portions of it. And now she even tries to blend in some less rich things too. Sweet, no?


Kyoto, Lil, & Gudrun: 10 lbs a month doable when it took 4 months to do 13? I think i might be biting off more than I can do.

I'm worried that I'm the food pusher. The only refuge I have is trusting in my food plan -- knowing that there are certain things I must eat (like fruit and veg) and I should leave room for those things. I'd like to be able to develop the ability to take a bite of something someone is offering me, say thank you, and then graciously bow out. However, I'm a former member of the clean plate club. It's a hard habit to kick.


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