2 things

1. I have 93 followers **shakes a tailfeather** Hello to all my new, gorgeous friends!  **waves** Say hello to my current & old gorgeous friends!  Feel free to post your blog links as a comment to make sure I'm following yours as well (or check my blog roll on the right hand side of the page, I try to keep it up to date).  Only 7 more followers and there will be a very special guest post from Registered Dietitian, Rebecca Scritchfield!  

2. Drumroll please...

I have the dress

unfortunately I also have my period and am very bloated (sorry for the TMI)
I'd show you pictures of me in the dress but unfortunately the cats do not have opposable thumbs and i can only fully zip it up while it's on backwards.

It's a gorgeous shade of purple that compliments both fair and tanned skin (as i have a little bit of both) and will be nice and warm for a fall wedding. 

I'm glad i've lost those 13lbs, but think another 10 would make the dress look better and 15-20 would make me feel better.   113 days to the wedding....


cant wait to see pictures of the dress,, and kudos to you for the 13 lbs lost!


13 pounds is a great beginning... Have no fear, you'll be rockin' in that dress. Who knows, maybe you'll even have to have it taken in! Work it!

my blog: http://jams-runs-her-mouth.blogspot.com/


Thank you both!!
I was hoping i'd need to have it taken in by the time that i got it, but the MOH and my date reminded me that bridesmaids dresses run notoriously small as a further reminder that you are not the bride. hahaha...

Oh well... I still have time to work on that!


awesome, congratulations - can't wait to see the piccies! PS you're up to 94 now!!


Awww thank you, andrea.

Woo hoo 94!!


Can't wait to see the dress! Congrats on the 13lbs loss. If you have any tips, please leave them over at my blog: lockthefridge.blogspot.com


COngrats on your loss!!



Ooooh. Wine. Noms.

Thanks for the congrats and the 2 links, my dearies!!!

And I can't wait to see the dress on me... when all is said and done.


Can't wait to see pics of the dress. Congrats on all the weightloss!!! Hope all is well!


I vote for a backwards picture.

Congrats on the follower increase and the weight decrease!



JAFG -- That had me cracking up. I might just have to do it. When i'm all zipped up it looks like i have no boobs in front (nice and tight... the boys are going nowher) but a delicious rack on my back (ack!)


I'm so glad I found your blog! It's nice to know I'm not the only fat girl fighting my way out of this mess I've created for myself.

I'm your newest follower.



You are not alone, truly!
I will add your blog to my blog roll and my google reader list!


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