A sincere wish

Normally I don't think people should wear spandex unless they're going really fast on a bike or just about to wrestle you to the ground (and are also wearing a fancy mask).

But seeing as my building's fire alarm just went off, and it's 3 am, and raining, I hope I'm doing these spandex biking shorts some justice.  ((Glad I had the cross-ramp jacked up high for a bit today))

I left the kitties inside because i'm 99% sure that it's a false alarm. But that 1% of me said to grab my purse and laptop and get outside.  In spandex.

Just call me legs. Ugh & yawn.


Oh scary. Keep us posted as to whether or not everything is ok.


Everything is okay -- stupid rain triggered the fire alarm up on the roof. Oh my. :(

I'm so sleepy right now.


OH my gosh scary! Did it end up being a false alarm?


Yeah, a false alarm. At 3 am. I wanted to kick the rain in the nuts.


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