I live in Washington, DC.  DC is known for many things such as being the capital of The United States, Ben's Chili Bowl, Stephen Strasburg's arm, the Cherry Blossom Festival, its annoying hipsters, and its oppressive humidity.

My body doesn't mind the oppressive weather, but my brain does.  Low pressure systems roll in and take up residence in my sinus cavities (especially my maxillary sinuses).  Unchecked, these headaches turn into full blown migraines.

And I don't know about you, but going to the gym with a migraine does not feel good. At all.
A symptom of these migraines is that I become very light sensitive and my stomach gets all wonky/vomity. 

I know some of you endure much more serious illnesses than this, but well... this is my blog and my place to write.  So while I have sympathy for all of you, this is my place to whine.  I really want to be at 190 by the end of the month, but right now I'm in a holding pattern until my body gets its act together and decides that I can have one day without my eyeballs trying to escape. 

I tend to be a very moody eater when I don't feel well (either eating nothing, or lots, eating one thing, or many things).  It's as if I'm letting my body try and figure out what will make it feel better.  My sleeping patterns are messed up (because for my migraines, sleep is the only thing that really helps) and i'm just really cranky.
So my question to you is this.... what can prevent you from getting your butt kicked in the gym?


Hope the migraine goes soon. I whine just with a headache so I can not imagine what a migraine feels like!
I dont go to the gym but something that prevents me from exercising would be sheer laziness! I know pathetic hey. Still need to get into a regular exercise pattern.


FG: My period has kept me from the gym almost this entire week! I hate it. I was finally able to get a workout in yesterday after work and I plan to go in later tonight. Since I'm going through the early stages of menopause - yay (dead-pan voice), symptoms of my period are even more hellish, which puts a wrench in things when trying to eat healthy and exercise.

About your migraines, I do feel your pain. I suffer from them as well. On those rare occasions when I wake up with one, they can sure knock the life out of me, but usually I can catch it early on (recognizing the symptoms), nip it in the bud (thank goodness), and take some medication.

Feel better soon :)


Knowing what derails us is half the battle, I think.

Migraines are basically a very stabby feeling. Not the dull ache of a headache. But imagine your worst hangover while being inside a washing machine.


MMW: that's the other half of it -- I went for a walk with a coworker on wednesday. I was worried I would freak her out but beacause Dot had arrived, I had to vomit, couldn't drink water, and couldn't eat. I feel you about the pre-menopause. For years doctors thought that what I was going through (especially with the inability to control my body temperature -- like right now, my body is warm but I feel cold/am shivering)

I hate waking up with a migraine. It's a real kick in the pants. Good morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and WHY WON'T THEY STOP IT!?!?!?!

Medication for migraines helps a little bit for me, but if it's a barometric headache, there's so little I can do :(


Lately... ANYTHING can keep me from getting to the gym :( I started my latest attempt on June 1st...so I'm still in the beginning of this. I have made some major food/drink changes..but have only made it to the gym once.. ONCE!... I lost my job so its not like I don't have the free time... I just havent had the motivation to get off the couch... I'm pretty sure depression is fueling my apathy. Hopefully I can break out of this to get off the couch!! (On a side note... I haven't had a migraine since I lost my job....but not the therapy I would recommend)


I totally feel your pain. My sinuses are getting congested and headachey just reading this. Headaches and injuries like shin splints or ankle twists make me miss workouts. I also try to "workout" like 5 times a week by either going to the gym, doing a tape, or going hiking. I'll skip a workout if I think rest will be better for my body. I'll take any reason to not go to the gym, but I always ask myself is this a good reason or just me being lazy.


Lafn -- did you know that exercising can help ease the depression? I know it's ridiculous, but you go there all pissy with the world, you work it out, and your body responds with a great endorphin/seratonin high. And the better you feel, the better you will interview!

Good luck--I mean, you can go to the gym today and just blame me. "I'm here becaues FGvW told me to come."

Mertle -- if I have an injury in one part of my body (such as my knee) i try to at least go in and get a workout on some other part of my body (such as doing upper body weights). But you're very smart to allow your body to rest if you think it'll benefit you in the long run. Better to take a day of rest than to be forced to stay out because you've broken yourself.


Injury, Laziness, Kids need something, Hubby needs something, periods, planet alignment, runestone messages....the list is mindlessly, insanely endless, and I fight against it Every. Single. Time. Most of the time I make it to the gym, or out the door for a run.

Hope your migrane feels better soon!


It's amazing how little it can take to distract us from our goals, our own needs, etc. Why do we put everyone and everthing else first?

Good job for getting out the door!

And thanks for the well wishes :)


I'm new to your blog (found you today)... love it so far. I can always find a reason/excuse to keep me from moving my rear, I'm focusing on being more active now. I try to remind myself that I'll feel better after. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I hope the migraine goes away soon.

and fyi... i'm in the DC area too! :)


Hi Jams! So yay! One person who gets the hipster joke! The migraine is doing better the more I hydrate and eat. Plus the weather is nice and clear today.

I am glad you found me and love me :)

Sometimes it works and ometimes it doesn't -- but at the very least we can say we did it. Unhealthy me wouldn't have even pushed herself to try.


I hope you are feeling better soon. I totally understand the pressure changes, the STL is just as bad.

The thing that probably derails me the most is myself. I used to invent excuses to avoid the gym! Right now, I have a trainer and she keeps me focused. We write down on a calendar all of my workouts for the week. Once it is on paper I have to go, right? It does help though!


I am mentally exhausted after work, so the last thing I want to do it drive in traffic to a 'family friendly' gym with little kids running and screaming arround my gym equipments electrical cords (okay, its not that bad everytime, but I always imagine worst case scenarios)...

So I started going to the gym @ lunch... I still have energy by then, I am not donating that time to the company and i sidestep all my 'excuses' not to go...

Exercise does help depression, but it takes energy to get energy... those first few days/week are HELL....who wants to go to the gym when they're tired and feel like hell? plus there really isnt instant gradification, it takes a few days...


Brigitte-- isn't it so much easier when we're accountable to someone else, and not ourselves?
Realistically speaking, we're not letting down a trainer if we don't do the work; we're letting down ourselves.

Laura -- kids screaming and running around=my worst nightmare. I would avoid that too. Like the plague. Like a plague that had leprosy and AIDS. I like to go before work (when the gym is quiet) or during my lunch hour (which I'll take later if I'm going to the gym -- around 2-3). I go there for solitude, not for blasting news or music.

I noticed the positive effects of exercise right away, but that could be because my mind find solace in activity. You're very right that it might take a while for your body to enjoy what you're putting it through.


hey,, i heard you had an earthquake over there,,,, did you feel it?


TMI -- but i think i was actually throwing up when it happened. Either that or asleep. One of the two.


I suffer from severe migraines also. I know what it feels like to want to preform a lobotomy on yourself. I'm on beta blockers now and there's been a significant change in my migraine patterns. But I get not wanting to do anything but lay in your bed and sleep it out, there's no way you would be able to do anything other than that.


Pen through the eye lobotomy seems to be popular on those kinds of days.

I'm glad you're experiencing some relief, though!


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