The mirror has two faces...

So have been writing lots about how photos have restored my sense of self... well that's kind of a half truth.  For every one good picture there are many more that I don't like -- that I feel mortified by.

1 & 2:  Meeting Josh Groban.  I look HUGE here, especially when I turned to give him a kiss on the cheek.  This is in 2001, I believe.  That and why the heck am I wearing that god awful skirt?  I am a monochromatic mess.  I wish I had some gorgeous picture with him where I look svelte and he looks enamored of me.   But well, this is what I got.  Awkward.  Obese.  **sighs**

3.  This is what I look like when I have fallen down drunk.  Moreover, this is me in 2005 in my prom dress that I had custom-made for me.  Yep. Italian Renaissance.  I was effing cool back then.  But this is just a good example about why i don't drink to excess.  It's not pretty.

4.  in 2000?  I look like a sausage.  A very fat sausage.  Wearing striped tights. The odd thing is that i just got rid of that sweater a year and a half ago.  It took that long to realize that it was doing nothing to make me look feminine and pretty.

5.  There was one more photo that I wanted to add to this list -- but i think I probably deleted it.  It was at a club, I'm wearing something too small for me, and my eyes are glazed over from how much I had to drink.  It wasn't pretty at all -- but it's yet another reason why I don't drink to excess anymore.  I start leaving photographic evidence.

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