I don't deal with stress well.  I either eat a lot (not that often), eat badly (a little more often) or don't eat anything (most likely). When I'm juggling things or feeling like I'm behind, my routine falls to pieces.  When I don't get to get the nervous energy out (by gym, sports, or sleep) I tend to suffer.

Rather, I feel like I am a mess much more than I actually am.

Today I didn't do too badly but I also didn't do great.  I didn't get to go the gym, I didn't eat lunch at a regular hour (I was ravenous!), I ate some of that whiskey chocolate mousse.  I drank 1 glass of water all day.  I drank a Peroni after work.  I am at home eating 1/3 of my lunch (with another 1/3 in the fridge for tomorrow) contemplating finishing off the bottle of Tempranillo I opened up last night.  All I want to do is get in bed (despite the sky being blue, the sun not having set yet, and it being a Friday night).

Luckily I don't have many days where I feel this derailed. I don't have a very stressful job.  I just feel like air traffic control sometimes.  Too many planes that I'm waiting to land.

But like I say to all of you... this feeling will pass. It only matters what I do next.


I really love what you're right that the feeling will pass and I really needed to read this in relation to my morning. Thank you :)


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