Iron Woman

Today I ran at the gym for an hour and 40 minutes.  Why? Because I felt I had it in me.
A twitter friend of mine, Zen Lizzie, asks me if I'm training for something.
And I said "I'm training for a bridesmaid dress."

I thought that was funny. 

Well that 2+ hours in the gym (also did upper body weights) burned 1350 calories.  Not bad, eh?

One curious thing to note is where my body is beginning to change.  I've always had really nice clavicles -- but not my coracoid process (I believe) is beginning to stick out.  My right bicep also has a little dimple in it.

Drumroll please........ I also have a butt now!! Well kinda one. It's no badonkadonk, but it's taking shape.  All of the cute underwear I never wore b/c I didn't think it looked too good is now being worn!

So doot da do... I'm thinking this is going to be how I'm getting my hair done for my friend's wedding (and the reason why I'm growing it out).  Thoughts?


Congratulations on the shape changing! I like the one of the left - its a more classic style, the one on the right reminds me of beauty contests **yuck**

PS - Look at you go 118 followers!!


Well I probably wouldn't have all of those loops on the right -- but I kinda like the bump right before the chignon... but your opinion is duly noted.

118... I can't believe it.
You know, it means so much to have 1 person read your blog... to have 118 people...
it just blows my mind.


Awesome job on the non-scale victories!!!!
I dream of being able to run for 1h40min. Very impressive dude!

Keep it up girl. You're doing great.


that bridesmaid dress is phenominal! and the hair style will be perfect for it!
I bet you were chanting the rocky theme after finishing that run today! Woot Woot!



Sonya -- you will do it -- you'll build up your endurance bit by bit.

Cindie -- i'm so lucky to have a bride that said "don't worry, i won't make you look ugly." hehehe... she's the best!!

As for the chanting -- it was weird, a client came in to use my office's gym... so I was helping him get situated and decided to just let him have some space.... I'm a good hostess.


Awesome work today! That is a massive effort and its so nice to see curves in the right places appear! I cant wait to get a badonkadonk! Like the hairstyle and it will suit the classic look of that gorgeous dress!


Awww thanks Ali! <3 you for your enthusiasm.

I have waited all my life to have a butt. Sadly this has occurred in conjunction with my pants falling off my body and the vital necessity of a belt.


I like a bit of volume....I actually thought the pics were the same (the right, an illustration and the left, the actual 'do), but I like them both!


The one on the right is also rocking some bangs (which I don't currently have) but I'm willing to experiment for my bride.


I thought that was pretty funny answer too. Thats a pretty hairstyle. I've never had a neat updo before, but I like the different "layers."


I don't really do my hair too much -- usually just a pony tail -- but i wanted to pick something that was classy, elegant, and would STAY IN PLACE!


Love the hairstyle! Absolutely beautiful!


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