I've reached 100!!

**does a dance**
100 followers, not lbs lost, silly!!

I'm so excited!
Tomorrow morning at 9 am, I'll post Rebecca Scritchfield, RD's long awaited answers to the following questions:
Question 1:  Who should see a nutritionist/ can you break down your patients into a few categories?

Question 2:  What insights might a nutritionist have that the average GP/internist might not?

Question 3:  How does your own weight loss struggle inform your practice as a nutritionist?

Question 4:  Do you have a few quick & easy changes people can make to improve their diets?

Question 5:  If someone isn't meeting their caloric targets, what's usually the suspect? How should they meet their target in a healthy way?
And who knows... maybe if everyone is nice and receptive, Rebecca might do this again (with your questions)......

My funk seems to have a temporary reprieve -- but the forecast for next week makes me worried that there will be many migraines to come :(  I'll just have to deal with things as they arise.  No use in worrying about the future when there is so much I can do now.  Like finish up my Starbucks Vivanno Banana Chocolate Shake with 18 grams of protein, let my stomach settle, and then go to the gym for weights & a good run.


I made it 101! Mwahaha. :)

By the way, I'm interested in Question #1. Have a good talk!


wooo hoo 101!

I'll tell you *my* answer to question #1 from what I've learned from Rebecca. There are 2 major categories of people who go:

-- people who need a complete overhaul
-- people who need a bit of fine tuning

Like either you're eating crap and need to be told that or you need to figure out how to lose those last few lbs.


Sounds like a great day. I'm looking forward to Rebecca's responses! I saw a nutritionist last year who had me focusing not on calories but on the right number of servings (eg. 4 servings of fruit per day, 5 grains, etc.). It actually worked pretty well and has me thinking I should consider tracking that way again. Have a good one!


Congrats on reaching 100! I never gave you my blog info so here you go!

Check it out in case of boredom! http://bmittler.blogspot.com/


Thanks brigitte -- now that I'm on twitter as well, I don't always know who has a blog and who doesn't!


Congratulations on your many fans!
Your blog is totally sweet, you deserve it.
I have 10 awesome followers, but I aspire to reach 100 someday!


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