Unrelated thoughts...

1. Hello to all my new followers and everyone that has spread the word about my blog.  I'm forever in your debt! It really warms my little megalomaniac heart of mine.

2. I really hate doing laundry...but as I'm going to the gym more often, and it's summer, I'm doing more and more of it.  Part of me wonders if I was never good at going to the gym because I hate all the laundry it entails.  And well, there are some things that even odor absorbers can't do.

3. I mean, I don't really know how I feel about moisture-wicking underwear.  I wear cotton underwear when I exercise.  The upside of this is that I'm putting more of my fancy underwear into normal rotation.  It makes me feel... well.... fancy.  I guess I could use the whole laundry issue as an excuse, but if that were the case, I'd just buy more plain underwear.  The truth of the matter is that I'm really starting to like my body a bit more.   The gift wrap is more than just the first layer.

π.  I love getting Chinese/Thai takeout.  What I've been doing for a while is getting the sauce on the side and getting the entree steamed.  I use the leftover sauces to create new dishes. I think it's hard for just about any of us to say we'd go sauceless, but this is a good way to extend the life of that one meal. 

4. I love Jack Sh*t, Getting Fit's post -- 5-Word Fitness.  What diet/health/nutrition advice would you give if you only had 5 words?

5. I have a few challenges for you all.  Choose one, choose them all. My wonderfully talented neighbor and I were chatting and it inspired me to do this: 
A.  If you are addicted to soda (regular OR diet) -- give it up for a week and drink seltzer instead.  Really try and figure out why you feel you need to drink it.  Is it sugar? Is it the caffeine?  OR (as my theory goes) is it the 'texture' of carbonation on your tongue? Then lemme know how that goes!! At the very least you've proven that (1) you won't die (2) you're in charge and (3) those extra calories aren't worth it...
B.  NAKED TIME!!  -- if you already have some naked time (non-sexual, but just you being with you), write about it!  How do you feel about your body?  Is it a positive experience or are you picking out flaws?  If you don't have naked time in your life -- like walking around in your room/home naked like a jaybird while you do chores, or even blog -- work your way up to 10 minutes of naked time.  Write about it when you're ready.
C.   Tell me how you're incorporating the "New Rules" into your life.  Have any new rules to add to the bunch? 
D.  For those of you who have pedometers, garmins, or another way to track their steps... I am hoping you're getting the minimum of 10k steps/day.  I want you to pick a day and then break down those steps down into increments of 1,000 or 2,000.  For each increment you do, dedicate it to someone who has helped you or even hindered on your journey.  Anything over 10,000, dedicate it to yourself or someone you hope to inspire.  Post your list and your reasons why you chose those people.  
 Okay, have at it, my dear friends.  I can't wait to hear from you!


Hey hun, go and check out my latest blog post. I have awarded you! Hope you get some more followers through that. Will be bck later to check out your new challenges x


Hey thank you for stopping by mine. You're awesome! Great list :) I might just take you up on the personal nekkid time (watch this space)


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