My Cruel Mistress

I know she's female b/c even when she's wrong, she's right
8.25 km on the Interval Training (warmup of 20 x-ramp; 1 resistance then into 4 x-ramp; 1 resistance --> 10 x-ramp; 8 resistance) (1 hour even, 740 calories burned, over 10k steps)

Prior to running I did some upper body weights (gotta have nice arms for the bridesmaid dress) as well as some piriformis stretching prior to running.

I challenge you to do the same.  The piriformis is an under-stretched, under-utilized muscle.  I bet you hadn't even heard of it before I mentioned it (unless you've studied physiology).  It's the muscle that connects your upper body (your sacrum) to your lower body (head of the femur).  There are a few ways to stretch the piriformis -- sitting, standing, or on the floor (on your back or using it as leverage), but I highly suggest you become familiar with this muscle.  It'll help your hips stay loose when you run.  ((And don't forget to rock some warrior poses to work the other hip flexor muscles!  ((Warrior I, Warrior II especially))


OoOoO.... I love the elliptical... we had a small falling out and I haven't quite gotten over it, but I imagine with time she will be my new best friend...

BTW I love the bridesmaid dress!!... if you dont mind; have you already bought it?/if not when will you?/If you have, are you going to have it tailored to your new smokin' bod? hehe


I have a bad back -- running on flat surfaces is hard for me (though I'm trying to teach myself to do so...). I hope you reconcile with your elliptical. We can have elliptical parties.

My bride is so good -- she didn't want to make us ugly at all. I'm very thankful for that.. I bought the dress 13lbs ago. So I know i'm going to have it tailored. I hope to lose 20 more or so before November 6.


I can't do the elliptical because for some reason it hurts my instep. so I do the treadmill..30 mins...I combine cardio and weights about 3-4 x's a week @ the gym. I work on 12 different machines; 3 reps of 15--half works my upper body, the other half my lower. Now I'll be adding warrior moves ;)


MMW--did you take my advice about going to a running store to get the correct shoes??? It's worth it. Get measured and find the right sneaker to support your feet. The $ is worth it.

But go you for the doing the treadmill. Next time you go, can you give me an extra 15 minutes? I think you can.

Think about doing some free weights (get a trainer to show you how to use them) or use a cable machine that works your core (or that transition from upper to lower body in one move). It'll pack a punch!

And I was so hoping you'd notice the warrior moves... I'm glad you did!


wow! I found that article about the prirformis muscle very interesting. I have had a pain like the for years after going to Curves. I am going to try this stretch.


For years I had hip pain, tightness, and even was able to "pop" my hip on command (not actually popping it out of the joint, but making a sound).

Last year I went to a yoga class called "Increasing Hip Flexibility and Reducing Lower Back Compression" (the teacher had survived a car hitting hers around 100 mph.... I was the only other person in there with traumatic injury). It was taught by Megan Davis ( A lot of the people in the class had pain from sitting down too much or were pregnant and just wanted some tools. At the time I was always in pain. She told the spotters to pay particular care to me b/c I could injure myself very badly if I fell. That being said, she introduced me to the piriformis and the psoas (another muscle that connects your lower body and upper body and how to stretch them carefully.

Ever since then, I've sung her praises and spread the word about stretching those muscles. No one has really ever heard of them, but strengthening them does so much for back pain, posture, and general flexibility.


The piriformis also is what causes A LOT of back pain, and the psoas major and minor... but that's at a very intimate spot in the body <3

Allison Schultz (Massage Therapist)


I get very intimate with those muscles, out of necessity!


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