Brain fart...

I haven't been writing in any of my blogs lately (personal or public) and the result is that my head feels a bit out of sorts.  That bei...

I haven't been writing in any of my blogs lately (personal or public) and the result is that my head feels a bit out of sorts.  That being said, lots has been bouncing around in my skull.

So in list form:

1.  The thing I've been dying to talk about is a little... well... gross.  But I just wanted to say that one reason everyone should run is that the post-run bowel movement is just about the best thing on this world.  I mean, you can run and sweat and feel like you've done something good for yourself, but it's not until you've gone to the bathroom that you truly feel a weight lifted.  Just sayin.... Oh man, I've been dying to say that for a few weeks.  I know, I'm disgusting and uncouth, but I promised you all I'd be truthful in this space. And well... I know there's more than one person out there that will agree with me.

2.  I've been plateaued for the past few weeks and it's frustrating.  The one thing I need to keep in mind is that I might be gaining muscle and losing fat -- and that the weight difference can make it look like a plateau.  I know my body is changing.  More importantly, I know my mind is changing. 

3.  I also know that this past weekend was a gastric bomb that went off in my meal plan.  Nothing I ate was too bad, and (drumroll please...I didn't get drunk on my birthday; just had 2 beers post-kayaking, 3 drinks at my birthday dinner, and a glass of champagne at the bar.... with tons of water inbetween).  I just ate more than I normally ate, and boy was it nommy! 

4.  And I'm wondering if this will end up having a positive effect on the plateau.  I might've gained some weight with all the eating and my body is like "Whoa! We have calories to burn! Let's go Robby!"  And it'll help me make my way down the scale.  If not, I need to tweak what I'm doing (incuding do something drastic like learning Zumba (I dance like a epileptic newborn deer).

5.  Running on the elliptical has a tendency to be boring.  I wish my back wasn't so craptastic and I could run outside, especially as we move into beautiful fall weather.

6.  I've done something I didn't want to do.  I've had to create lists of "favorites" on Twitter (451 followers) gReader (140 blogs!) and Facebook (379 friends).   This is on top of my personal blog followers and person Facebook friends (colleagues, friends, family).  I feel bad because I think everyone deserves my attention, but at some point it just got to be overwhelming.  So please don't take offense if I'm not reponding to every post.  I'm happy when you lose X lbs.  I'm sorry when you gain Y lbs.  I'm elated when you're eating well.  I'm understanding if you've had a slip up.  I assure you that I'm reading them -- just not always commenting.  If you need to reach me personally, please do! I'm always available if you need support or information!

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  1. Apparently, I'm not running correctly because #1 never happens to me. Then again my bowels have a mind of their own and only sorta work properly!

  2. I'm going to be doing Zumba too! I was actually really hesitant about it. I didn't know if I was up to the effort. But I just read about an acquaintance doing it, and well... if he can, so can I. I'll take the inspiration and confidence where I can get it, you know?

    Also, thanks for talking about the elliptical all the time. I was killing myself on the treadmill and while making progress, just wasn't really enjoying it. Oh man the elliptical!!! It's so freaking FUN!

  3. Oh, I forgot to add, about the plateau.. are you taking measurements? Your body could very well be changing anyway even if the numbers aren't budging.

  4. Crystal -- I took measurements a few months ago and then loaned my tape measure to a friend. I have yet to see it come back (it was a nice one too). Sokay -- I know my body is changing b/c of how my clothing fits, or rather how it doesn't fit. I need to remember to wear belts almost every day!

    As for the elliptical, it's just about the only thing I can do, and so rock it I must. I burned 700 calories on it yesterday.

    Zumba might have too much twisting for my lower back :( It's all hip action :(

  5. LOL about #1...or wait...I should say #2(after your run). haha
    I totally understand about the followers. I'm having to do it in the blog world. Not creating favorites. But I'm noticing that I'm skipping over some in my dashboard. There really is not enough time in the day.

  6. Well I try to read everything -- but if there is a time when I'm behind, I make sure i read my "favorites", my cousins' blogs, and my friends' blogs. Everyone else has to go on the back burner for the time being.

    I mean, lots of the people on the "everyone else" list are the people who do daily logs of what they did.

  7. LOL @ your use of 'uncouth' my mum says this all the time, so funny! Agree with #1 though... I also know what you mean about all the time it takes to blog and to comment... sometimes life gets in the way. I too have a favourites list, I read every day, a list which I read at least a couple of times a week and then soooooo many more that I catch up with when I can.

  8. I think everyone would rather that i made time to go to the gym than to read their WW progress...

    I try to pay attention to posts that have big news or seem like lots of effort went into them ... but man, I follow so many great blogs.

    hehehe... your mom is cool if she uses words like that :)

  9. Heh -- TMI, but one of the reasons I work out consistently is because when I maintain high mileage, many of my chronic GI troubles are controlled.

  10. The first time # 1 happened to me was while I was at the college track and I had a "food poisoning" type situation arise and I barely made it to the wasn't pretty. But Yah, I totally agree.

  11. I'm totally with you on the post run poo!! haha. It really is quite amazing :)

  12. Chris -- I definitely agree that exercising helps with digestive issues -- chronic or otherwise.

    Food poisoning and running? Not so fun.

    Emily -- I sit in awe sometimes.

  13. Zumba is so much fun, seriously. It's better to actually go to the class than do the dvd because having the other people there and the atmosphere of being there makes it so much more enjoyable. And if your plateau has been lasting a while, it might be time to add something new!

  14. Zumba looks like fun -- but i have to be so careful dancing. Was once laid up a week b/c some guy wanted to salsa dance.

  15. Dude, I could not agree more about the PRBM (post-run bowel movement)!!! You should totally try Zumba - it's super fun and I promise if you look like a spaz you won't be the only one!


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