ooooh exciting news!!!!

Good things come to those who write!
I have some exciting stuff on the horizon to share with you when the time is right...but man am I excited!!

The one thing I do want to share with you is that my dietitian has agreed to let me interview her for Fat Girl vs. World!! Exciting, right??  So I thought I'd ask her a few questions but also ask you all if there is anything you've been dying to ask a nutritionist.  I'll select the best questions to ask Rebecca! 

Send me an email -- fatgirlvsworld at with
(1) your first name
(2) your location
(3) your blog address
(4) your question


Oooooh! I'm definitely going to be wracking my brain to come up with some questions! And I can't WAIT to find out your news!!!


you can re-post about the nutritionist on your blog in case any of your friends have questions... I'm sure this is going to be more than a once-off thing....

as for the news... it's fun, I promise you!


How about "Is it true that a McDonald's Happy Meal, left on a shelf for a year, does not biodegrade?


I can answer that one:


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