My inspiration

I've written before that I have someone very close to me that is my inspiration.... I wrote once:
Had it not been for one of my closest friends making the huge change in her life, I wouldn't have found the courage to even believe I was capable of such change. She doesn't always realize it, but I'm her biggest fan. I'm in awe of her strength, her humor, her successes and even her losses. Because she's able to get back up on the horse, I know I can as well.
On my bad days she tells me she's been there too, that cheese is taunting me, and that one bad day will not and can not derail me.
It's not my place to tell her story, but hopefully one day she will guest blog and explain just how huge her change was, and what it takes to stay where she is.  

I just wanted to say (as I say over and over again to her) how thankful I am to have her in my life.  It's more than just the weight loss.  There are other ways our lives have run parallel to each other and intersected.  I know that no matter what ever happens to me, that there's someone in the world that would move heaven and earth to make sure I am happy.  I'd do the same for her a million times over.  Knowing that someone has your back AND your heart is invaluable, especially the times when your heart has shattered in a million pieces and when you're feeling beat down. 

She is the strongest woman I know, inside and out.  I am in awe of her.  And I am so absolutely blessed that not only do I get to call her a friend, but she calls me one as well.



You are more than my friend. You are family.


Sister from another mister!


Amazing. I will be cheering for Emily!!


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