New Rules

For way too long it's been socially acceptable to look down on fat people as lazy, without willpower, slovenly, etc.  It's okay to think they love Twinkies more than they love their health.

So I'm changing the rules. 

If you meet someone who expresses their desire to make a positive change, it's your job to encourage them.  It doesn't need to be much.  You can just be there to listen, to be a cheerleader, to give tips and hints, or even go for a walk/jog with them.  But the new rule is "Leave No One Behind."  If they choose to confide in you, you're now a part of their successes and failures.  They took the first step, now show them they're not alone.

Why am I adamant about this?  Had it not been for one of my closest friends making the huge change in her life, I wouldn't have found the courage to even believe I was capable of such change.  She doesn't always realize it, but I'm her biggest fan.  I'm in awe of her strength, her humor, her successes and even her losses.  Because she's able to get back up on the horse, I know I can as well.

On my bad days she tells me she's been there too, that cheese is taunting me, and that one bad day will not and can not derail me.  I can only hope to be that person to other people.  And so should you.


As they say ... the proof is in the pudding ... or the bikini:


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