Today while I was at lunch, two girls from the Independent Women's Forum asked me what feminism means to me.  I have very mixed feelings about feminism -- because sometimes I think it created more problems (i.e. the whole sexual revolution making it hard for people in my generation to have relationships with someone before having sex with them). 

Eventually I rambled on some definition that I thought worked -- "Feminism is about kindness -- the kindness that women show each other and that men show women.  It's about the respect we not only show each other, but that we show ourselves." 

I am not sure if that's really feminism, or if that is my Buddhist background about equanimity, compassion, and mindfulness doing the talking. 

So what do you think feminism is?  How does it relate to your own struggles?


I think feminism is about women being able to do whatever it is that we want to do, and being respected about it. I absolutely love this essay (http://tomatonation.com/culture-and-criticism/yes-you-are/) that I think everyone should read and take to heart...I used to think that because I wasn't into having a career or being independent that I was anti feminist in a way, but now I feel more like I am one - because I do what I want and I think every other woman should be able to too :)


Well, I think there's a limit to "whatever it is that we want to do, and being respected about it." I agree when it comes to career -- but not if you're a serial killer.

I also think that men or women who choose to openly criticize and demean other women are not feminists -- they're opportunists.


Feminism = equality of the sexes. And it includes men too- if they want to be stay at home dads more power to them. People should be free to live their lives according to their skills & abilities. Not some old stereotype.


Couldn't that also be called egalitarianism? What is the difference between feminism and egalitarianism?

I agree that people shouldn't be forced to live according to stereotypes, but they should find joy in what they do.


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