It wasn't a fluke.

So while having a respiratory infection might've helped me break the barrier of 200lbs (because I barely couldn't eat anything for a week or so), staying under 200 has not been a fluke.

This morning I weighed in at 198 -- I've been fluctuating between 197 and 199 for a week now.  So I feel I can safely say adios to the 200s.

Man... where's my parade?
Oh that's right... I've still got work to do.


You might still have work to do but that is SO GREAT!!! I can't wait to get down there with you!! You're well on your way and that is such an awesome milestone. Go give yourself a parade (just no street vendors ;) lol)!


I will be there with open arms... and perhaps a parade. Ticker tape okay with you?


Congrats! I am at 202 and can't wait to get into the 190's!


what will your celebration be?


DUDE. Maybe you do have more to do, but I completely think that you should do something to celebrate your current living you just took up official residence in Onederland.

Seriously, when I hit that mark? There is gonna' be one hell of a celebration. NOT because I'm done, but because of all that I have done to get me there.

Congrats - really. :)


I think part of it is that my first time under 200 was when I was very sick (I was down to 196) then I equalized back at 204. It's been a steady march to get under 200.

I do want to celebrate... but i think i just didn't believe it was true. My celebration is each and every day that i live without that weight holding me back.


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