Something about it just feels different...

So business first:

I absolutely hate it when I'm in a groove running on the elliptical, 50 minutes in, and someone comes to the gym, and BLASTS the volume on the TVs such that I can't even hear my own music.  I will not go deaf in the pursuit of my own health.  It cheeses me even more that people don't ask "hey, is it okay if I increase the volume" or "can you still hear your music?"  What makes their workout more important than mine? It completely derails me.  I spent the last 10 minutes just so unfocused because I had the news being pumped into my brain.  I was so upset that when the hour was over, I went into the ladies room, washed my face, and went back to the elliptical to "re-do" the last 10 minutes.

Okay... so the point of this post.  Before my run I jumped on the scale at the gym--it's one of those old fashioned Doctor's scales -- nothing fancy or digital about it.

Normally I just slide the big weight over to 200 and then have it.  This morning I slid it over to 200 and... it was too heavy...even with my sneakers on!

I blinked my eyes (as it was before 6 a.m. and wanted to make sure i was doing it correctly).  Yep. Doing it all correctly.... and I had to slide the big weight down to 150 and work up from there.

It felt so differently than when I stand on a digital scale.  It was almost like a validation that I am indeed under 200, and have been for 3 weeks, because that scale said so.


That is awesome. those old school scales freak me out as they are so real if you know what I mean but you are right, also a good validation when you are moving down the scales!


Moving down the scales...sounds sooooo good.


That's so cool. What an awesome feeling that must have been.


That is my first goal....below 200... only seen it once (after surgery) since 1998. CONGRATS!!! You are such an reading your posts.


Congrats on the loss - that's awesome!


That is awesome!

I invested in a X trainer a little while ago. It is just the same at home, I have my music on, hit a stride and my daughter awakes and demands the wiggles or something go on the tv lol


That makes me want to jump on ebay and buy one of those scales.

Congrats! You totally earned it!



Yay! That is fabulous, congratulations!!!


Ariel: Thank you!!

Traci: When I first dipped below 200 it was when i was really sick (and then I quickly went back over 200). But I'm not gonna lie, totally cried like a baby.

lafngirl: meet me on the other side! We'll have a party!

Raegun: do you carry lasers? I totally see that...

Katie: Thank goodness my cats don't have opposable thumbs, I'd be screwed.

jafg: I'm sure there are more accurate scales out there. But there's something so clinical about them that makes them seem official, right?

KyokoCake: don't tell anyone, but i totally had a cupcake as my "reward" -- how backwards is that?

Midori: Thank you!!


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