Le Sigh....

Just once, once in my life a guy will see me from across the bar, think I'm cute, offer to buy me a drink and try to give me his phone number

Just once. That's all I want.

To not feel repulsive. To not feel like an outsider.
To not feel indebted to any attention from the opposite sex that I might get.
To feel desired.  To feel desirable.


I offer humble apologies that most of my male breatheren are blind as a bat, and can only see anything that a waist smaller than their hands and breasts bigger than their head. For the record, they don't know what their missing, and it it their loss, not yours.


aww thanks R -- but while it might be their loss, i'm still going to bed alone :(


I wish the same, le sigh and humph to it all


.... have you ever thought, though, that you look so sexy that the men are scared of coming over and asking in case you throw them aside?

They don't want to come over as they are so sure they will get a slap in the face and laughed at?

Seriously, though, I have felt like that before. It only stopped when I wasn't actually well enough to go out lol... and met my hubby through a mutual friend....

Now i find on the odd occasions I am out I sometimes get attention... but I'm married... life is so weird like that...!




I highly doubt that men are scared to come over and talk to me -- because old married dudes do it all the time...they totally don't count.

But I'm very aware of the signals I throw out -- keeping my arms uncrossed, my posture friendly and inviting, and I'm always with people that make me laugh. I don't know... i think I need a shirt that says "I don't bite."


Or one that says

I don't bite... unless you want me to!




More likely "I'll probably bite you, because I'm bitey, but please don't bite back, I bruise easily"


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