Celebrating the season...

There are many reasons I love the summer.  I'm a Leo (8/8), pool!, cute sundresses, and wonderful, beautiful fresh fruits and veggies at the Farmer's Market. I let the local foodshed dictate what I'm going to eat, rather than go to a grocery store and be supplied with whatever I might want from who knows where.

It's a form of adventure, comfort, and joy.

I love honoring ingredients by letting them play with each other raw.

One of my favorite things to eat is bruchetta.

I start by making the bread (I can do it from scratch, but in this case, I'm eating garlic-rosemary focaccia from a stand at the farmer's market).  I cut it into 2" strips then cut the bread down into thirds (melba toast thin).  I drizzle a little bit of olive oil on top (you can use an olive oil mister).  Use a high-quality extra virgin olive oil.  I'm using Interrupcion olive oil from Argentina.  Unlike many other olive oils I've had, this has a beautiful bright quality to it.   Here you have a few options-- Grill the bread, broil the bread, or just bake the bread.  The goal is having thinly-sliced bread with some crunch to it.

The top is diced fresh tomatoes, garlic (as much as you want), salt and pepper, and topped with a chiffonade of basil.

Then noms away.

Later?  This season's first peaches.  **swoons**


I'm a leo too 10/08 :)
Just goes to show that leos are amazing.


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