Good advice comes from all places...

Remember I said I like to read from a variety of different sources?

In Veronica Monet's Sex Secrets of Escorts, she makes a great point:   
Women also make some assumptions about what men want in a woman, and a very popular assumption is that all men want women to be skinny.  Women's magazines are full of photos of starving pubescent girls passing as the ideal for adult women's bodies.  Over the past several decades, the female "ideal" has morphed into what more closely resembles a post-operative male to female transsexual than a genetic adult female.  Impossibly narrow hips supported by stick legs and topped off with huge breasts is not how the natural female body is constructed, except in the rarest of cases.  Women in their reproductive years are intended by nature to have some fat on their hips and thighs to support the development of a baby.  Too little body fat can shut down a woman's menstrual cycle entirely. 
Fortunately, in the interest of continuing the human species, men have been programmed by nature to respond favorably to a healthy natural female body.  Although most women feel that men's magazines promote idealized and unrealistic images of the female body, a noticeable difference exists between women's and men's magazines. 
The women's magazines have far more anorexic images than the men's magazines.  So although both men and women buy magazines with photos of their ideal female form, the pouplar men's magazines prefer women who look like they have enough meat on them that they could actually get pregnant.  Most fashion photos in women's magazines show females who look like they are about to collapse from hunger or too much heroin. 
There are also men's magazines that cater to specific tastes.  Some men love very hairy women.  Some men love tiny breasts.  Some men love huge breasts. Some men love blondes.  Some men love redheads.  Some men love brunettes.  Some men love fat.  There are men's magazines for all of these female attributes and then some.  
 ... The beauty a man sees in a woman is timeless unless, of course, he really is suffering from low self-esteem.  Then he will care too much about what other people think to stay true to himself and his desires. 
Okay, please don't judge me that I read books like this.  Keep in mind that I lost my mom when I was 13 and often wonder how much I act like a man.  I was reading through the beginning of the book at the bookstore and I ran across this quote on page 25.  I bought the book just for that quote.  

I wanted and needed to be reminded that I am perfect just the way I am, not just for myself, but also for some lucky bloke out there.


I'll sometime flip through some of the newsstand men's mags that we get in the hotel -- like Maxim. The women in those are FAR curvier than the women in magazines supposedly made "for" us.

And for what it's worth I think you have awesome taste in reading material :)


Thanks Karen -- I think it's just funny because my cousin keeps a book blog ( -- and here I'm listing all my trashy reading. I mean, my most read book is the complete works of Shakespeare -- and then right next to it on my bookshelf is Oliver & Company. My book On Food and Cooking is right next to a book by Pepe the Prawn. Absolute nonsense and I'd have it no other way.

As for the women that men prefer -- I think more than body type, attitude is the most important factor.


It's kinda funny that I came across your blog and read this excerpt. I have the same book and I bought it when I first started as an escort. I like to be well prepared when I'm starting anything. :)

I only was an escort for a year and learned many lessons. fatgirl vs world got it right! Men liked me because of my attitude and my curvy, feminine body. I was a higher weight than most escorts but I was still booked because I presented myself with elegance and kindness. I learned lots from married and single men that they love to kiss and cuddle which very much surprised me. They wanted conversation and to laugh which even more surprised me. They wanted to be touched and thought of as important and interesting. I figured out that men and women are more similar than different.

I am ending with anonymity because I don't want to be judged for this.


Well I don't think anyone should judge you -- it's the world's oldest profession. And well, in the context of the Feminism post, women should be allowed to do what they want.

I think everyone has their enzyme or substrate out in the world. Or rather for every key there is a lock. Or even for ever nickel there's a five-cent fare.

It takes all types. Why are we homogenizing ourselves to fit one mold?


No, they should not judge but we all do. I think one of the judgements are that I was/am a man stealer, home wrecker..etc. and was/am promiscuous. Which when I worked as an escort and now, in my personal life I never date married men and won't cheat or participate in cheating on someone. I understand how that can be confusing for people since they think my work life and personal life is the same but it wasn't.


It's true. Men see the ideal woman totally different than women do. I can ask my male friends if I need to lose weight and they say "No, curvy is good--" Women friends say "Yeah, 20 or 30 pounds." It's ridiculous.


I even think mens' tastes change depending on whether they want kids or not. A curvier woman = life giving vessel.


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