Can't see the forest for the trees...

One of the comments that I get from people is that I'm very honest and open on here.  With that in mind....

I think everyone has days when they just don't want to go to the gym -- we're tired, we're sore, we're too busy, etc.  But one of the things that has always kept me from going to the gym is the excuse of being too hairy.  Okay, I'm not hirsute, I'm not a bearded lady or anything.  I just happen to be Irish and German.  I have pale skin and dark hair.

I know girls who shave once a week and they don't get any stubble.  Even with a new razor, I get stubble the next day.  It's utterly unfair!

However, I think I was being a hypocrite when I told a friend to ignore anyone giving her crap for being a big girl going to a gym -- hey you're putting in the work.   I think I need to take my own advice and just not care if I haven't shaved in 2 days if that's preventing me from going to the gym.  That's what long pants are for.  It's also what some choice hand signals are for.

It's just some leg hair... what's the big deal?


Toss in a good bit of Cherokee with the Celt and German and I'm pale with dark thick hair that tends to be on the coarser end of the spectrum. I feel your angst! LOL!


Okay... Stepping on my soap box here. :D

It's JUST hair. Seriously. Hair is natural. It's part of your body! It doesn't mean that a person is lazy, or dirty, or... ANYTHING other than that person has hair! This is a topic near and dear to me. I don't belive in shaving for anyone other than myself (or my hubby to be honest) and I only do it when I absolutely feel like doing it. Which is about once a month if that. However, I don't feel it detracts from my attractiveness or anything. It's just hair!

You've been so supportive and helpful to me. The least I can do is let you know not everyone shaves every day and that is 100% okay! Oh, and I also have pale skin and dark leg hair. :)


Karen -- I have very coarse hair as well..

Crystal -- I remember in HS, a bunch of guys (who shall remain nameless because they're are decidedly less douchey in their old age) teasing me for not shaving.

I hear so many guys talking about women and their personal grooming (ie, not wanting to have sex with women who don't get brazilians) and sometimes i just need to remind myself that these peons are eating up what the media is telling them to believe. I have to remind myself that leg hair and armpit hair is a sign of the difference between girls and women (secondary sex characteristic). I flip the burden back on them -- how come they can't appreciate me in all my sexual glory?

But still, sometimes it's more than just appearances -- like if I'm not shaved and wearing long pants, the way it feels rubbing against the material.

But you're very right... it's just hair. It's very natural. And some guys even might find it sexy. So :P


The hair thing I 100% understand!! I absolutely hate going anywhere without shaving, I feel so gross! you said about long pants, it does not matter if nobody can see it - my friend calls it being "discreetly gross" lol and it's definitely worth feeling that way for an awesome workout!


I love that -- Discreetly gross.
I wonder how often guys think to themselves "I might be too hairy to go to the gym..."


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