"The only stupid question is the question not asked" -- Mr. Engel, 7th Grade English

Many companies are beginning to realize that the health of their employees has a strong correlation to health insurance premiums.  In response, they're beginning wellness programs.

For instance, in my company we have:
  • a Wellness Committee
  • weekly yoga classes
  • lectures
    • nutritionists
    • sports trainers
    • a lumbar specialist
  • health screenings
  • access to smoking cessation resources
  • a yearly "wellness reimbursement" of $200
  • access to Lifeworks (a comprehensive resource for just about everything, including health care advocates, advice and tips for just about everything from health, to finances, to happiness)
  • a "Lose to Win" challenge 
  • A gym/sauna in the building (though i wish the towels were an inch or five bigger)
  • Discounts to local gyms
And i'm positive I'm forgetting something....

I was glad for the nutritionists that came in, but I don't think it was very comprehensive or motivational.  I searched the internet for a local nutritionist to come in that I thought could put a new spin on what we've already heard (calorie restriction, exercise, cheese is evil).  I hit paydirt when I came upon Rebecca Scritchfield. Part of the reason why I liked her is because she was an adjunct professor at my alma mater.  Secondly, she used the GoWear Fit system, which I had already purchased and had begun to utilize.  And thirdly, I thought she could speak to the people who were looking to lose lots of weight or even a few pounds.

So, not only does she have her own practice, but she also works with The Biggest Loser Season 5 At-Home winner, Bernie Salazar, in spreading their "Nurture Principles."  (you can follow both on Twitter: @nurturprincipls, @berniesalazar, and @ScritchfieldRD -- all twitter feeds have lots of great information and tips)

So I mentioned this to someone in Human Resources (who is also on the Wellness Committee) when she asked about my GoWear Fit.  Little did I know that they were looking to bring in a nutritionist for part of their Wellness-themed Staff Appreciation Week.  SCORE!  It just goes to show you that sometimes if you ask you actually do receive.

Instead of inundating the people in the seminar with information about calories, percentages, facts, figures, doom and gloom, they were fun and addressed the very first question that any dieter really faces -- "Do I want to change?" 

They gave us some facts, figures, tips and tools, but from talking to the participants in the seminar, what I really got was that people didn't feel like they were being being talked down to.  It was mainly the absence of the doom & gloom talk about the consequences of failing to make the change.  They were being reminded of their ability to make good choices and effectuate positive changes even if they weren't out running marathons, competing in triathalons, or starving themselves skinny.  That and there was a life-size photo of Bernie pre-TBL standing in the room. 

So the point of this entry is to OPEN YOUR MOUTH for something other than food.  Had I not mentioned Rebecca to HR, they might not have brought her in to give the seminar (and I'm hoping they'll ask her back!).  Sitting next to me in the seminar was a dear friend who has promised at every turn to help me and motivate me because I shared with her how painful it is to have injured myself over the past 16 years with all this weight.  I ask people for recipes, training tips, or general questions about health and well-being.

I highly recommend going to the Nurture Principles site as there is lots of great information there.  And if your company has a wellness/health committee, perhaps ask if they can invite Rebecca and Bernie to give a talk.


We don't have a wellness/health committee .... but we should! I think THAT will be my first thing to ask about! We're allowed to buy into the WW At Work meetings that happen on campus (the hotel I work at is owned by Syracuse University) .... but that's it. There's SO much more that could be happening!


Just a cursory search yielded this:

http://students.syr.edu/health/ "Health education and wellness promotion"

Maybe there is a way to spin it or pitch it as beneficial to university students and employees.
Do they give you access to the University Gym?


CHEESE IS NOT EVIL!!!! CHESSE IS YOUR FRIEND!!!!! Of course it has to be REAL cheese, not that "processed cheese food product" junk


Cheese is very much my friend. I get cheese from the Farmer's Market:

http://brdairy.com/ (I get my butter and mozzarella from them)


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