An Epiphany, of Sorts

So you all know my recent weekend caloric misadventures, as well as my on-going struggle against Oreos (little bastards that they are).

While I was running on the elliptical tonight I believe I had an epiphany:  Instead of being upset about what I did eat, I should be upset about what I didn't eat.  In other words, because I was chowing down on sugar-laden desserts (which I love, don't get me wrong) I didn't have the stomach space for the good fruits, veg, and protein that my body needs.

The familiar quote of not being allowed to have dessert until I finished dinner came to mind.  I'm not tied to the idea of cleaning a plate (especially if what's on the plate isn't necessarily healthy), but I think the notion behind this (that is, fulfill your dietary requirements before you see what caloric mischief you can get into) is relevant.

I should be trying to focus on my health requirements, but if I get all upset about how I've spoiled a diet, I really do take the eye off the prize.  Yes, we all slip and slide and eat something we shouldn't, but do we make amends with our bodies for giving it the wrong fuel? 

And then why the landslide?  Among addicts (alcohol, drugs) they say "One is too many and a thousand is never enough."  In other words, what you want to put in your body is not actually giving you what you really need, and in fact, is taking you further and further away from it.

I'm not saying abstain from the foods that are triggers, but one should really understand why it's a trigger.  I should really know why street vendors at parades make me salivate the way they do.  I should practice that sacred pause long enough to identify whose voice is speaking -- my stomach or my mind.  If I can't figure out where the voice is coming from, I should wait until it introduces itself.


That's quite a good idea -- damn why didn't I leave more space for the good stuff in my tummy!


"This space reserved for nutrition" :)


That is completely me. I don't eat vegetables with dinner because I will always fill up on white rice or meat or whatnot and be too full, so I've taken to eating them a half hour before as an "appetizer" - it's the only way I can trick myself into filling up on what is good!


Ever since i was a kid I ate my food in a very particular order -- veggies first, carb 2nd and meat 3rd. I think subconsciously I knew what was good for me and what i wanted. I often got in trouble for not eating all of my meat (I didn't like meat in general too much, plus my mom wasn't the best cook). I'm getting better about eating with variety (especially because I love cooking and mixing unexpected items (like pasta primavera with a strawberry thyme ragout).

But isn't it funny that we have to do all these things that "normal" people do without so much effort?


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