Dinner Roll Model

So my brother and I think my mom had anorexia, and at the very least we know she had food issues.
And someone made me think of this tonight...

When I was young, I'd say something along the lines of "I'm hungry, what's for dinner?"
She'd say "food"
I'd reply "But what kind of food" in that whiney, naggy kid voice.
"Good food."
"But I'm hungry now."
"Suck air." Mom would end the conversation right then and there.

One thing that my dietician and I are trying to work on is (1) recognizing hunger (2) being okay with hunger (it's your body talking to you) and (3) honoring that hunger.

When I was younger, I could recognize that I was hungry, and the response was to basically deal with it, and I'd be fed when mom was good and ready.  Oh the irony of an anorexic controlling my food intake!  Mom greatly overestimated her ability to cook. It wasn't always "good" food.  Unless you call Hamburger Helper or Kid Cuisine Microwaveable meals "good" for you.


Amazing! I hope I don't repeat the mistakes my mother made with me.


I think we all want to be better than our parents... but a bit thing to remember is that our parents did the best they could, are human and make mistakes, and didn't always have the benefit of all that we know now.

In other words, it's only natural that we do better.


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