It's the little things, really

One of my biggest complaints (that could easily be remedied on my part, but I preferred to complain) is that gym-provided towels are SO SMALL.  I can understand it in the case of hand/workout towels, but not shower towels (and I understand smaller towels = smaller expenses).  I mean, if you want bigger people to exercise, wouldn't you want to make them feel comfortable/less self-conscious when showering as well?

Well I made this point to someone on my company's Wellness committee either took my advice, I have a poor memory, or I'm the incredible shrinking woman.  Yesterday after my run, I took a shower and the towel fit around my torso.  That never happens. But I'm encouraged by this fact.  They should advertise it.

So how about you all -- what accommodations could a gym make to encourage you to go more often?


Right after I started going to the gym my daughter and I set a 10 lb goal. The goal was for me to lose 10 lbs and then I was treat myself and her to a gym t-shirt. I was so excited to have that first 10 lbs gone but when I went to the desk they informed me they didn't carry 2X t-shirts. I was like "are you serious" do only skinny people go to the gym? Most people are big before they get small, and there are football players that are totally buff just large, that means they couldn't but a shirt either. Well anyway I dropped my head and just felt horrible that it would be forever before I could fit into an XL and that my reward was shattered. I have you know a couple weeks later when I came into the gym a gal at the desk asked if I was the lady looking for a 2X shirt. She had found one in some of their old inventory and old style shirts. I was soo excited that they thought to dig deeper just for me. So now I proudly wear an Emporia Fitness t-shirt to the gym.


They should buy you the XL when you can fit into it.

I mean, aren't you good advertisement if they help and encourage you to lose the lbs?


Right now? Air conditioning :(


I saw that on your FB -- I can't imagine the combination of sweat + dead air being too appealing.


Good for you! I never would of never thought like that and follow through!

My gym is so small I wish I lived in a bigger city and go to a "real" gym! But I have to work with what I have!


my company's gym actually got bigger towels (some friends confirmed this today).

I think if you live in a smaller town, the world is your gym.

My gym has 3 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, 2 bikes, some weight machines and free weights. Not big either... not like the gym I used to belong to before I injured my back (


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