Unrelated thoughts... a/k/a the lightning round with Emily

1.  (Online) Dating as a fat chick sucks.  Guys read that I have a "little extra" and dismiss the entirety of who I am.  It's a little disheartening.  I'm not going to lie to them and tell them I'm some skinny bird, but at the same time, I wish they'd at least be courteous to me and reply "Sorry, your gravity is overwhelming."

2.  Body perception:  Yes, I classify myself as "a little extra" versus "overweight" (which I am) or "Obese" (which I am not) or "BBW" (which horrifies me a bit).  I am a size 14, the average size of a woman in America.  I am always shocking people with how much I weight because either they are polite or because I am muscular.  I am also athletic (I ran 6km on the elliptical today, and stopped only b/c I had to go back to work; softball tomorrow).  So what do you call yourself?  If there was a category for "Athletic with pudge" I'd totally sign up. 

3.  Comfort foods ChocolateChampagneToast/bruchetta?  Yesh please.  Comfort foods for an emotional eater are hard to classify because either food causes comfort or anxiety -- but there are foods that offer something between comfort and nothing.  Foods that, by themselves, offer comfort and nutrition.  Though I say this, I'd date Broccoli if it were personified as a man.  Tall, kinda lanky, wild hairdo, little bit of crunch to him. Tastes good a little salty, and also with a little butter...

4.  Have I mentioned lately that I'm nearing 1300 days without having sex?  Yeah, kinda driving me batty.

5. Okay, back to #3... I don't know about you, but there are just some foods that are just sexy and sensual.  I hate to bring up the image of two dogs slurping it up, but spaghetti from whole wheat to spaghetti squash is food begging to be played with, teased, slurped, pushed around and devoured.  Remember when you were young and you played with your food -- it was part adventure, part joy.  I never played with food that I didn't like.  I always played with the food that I adored and wanted to savor.  Gravy moat in my mashed potatoes? Why thank you.  Orange smiles?  Please.  Graham cracker sculptures?  You betcha.   Spaghetti artwork? Bring it on.

6. okay back to #1... why are guys so turned off by the idea of a girl that has 2 cats?

7. I have another dear friend (sorry Emily, you're not the only one) who is a ballerina, actress, and has a unwavering dedication to her lingerie collection.  I just gotta say that I'm in awe of that -- being able to spend $200+ on a bra and underwear set.  She has such a wonderful sense of who she is and just how well she should treat herself.  Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to be less of a tomboy after hanging out with her for a while.

8.  I totally went to the gym the past two days, having not shaved since Saturday.  Eat that, convention!  The moral of the story is NO ONE CARED -- everyone was too busy paying to their own work out to notice the stubble.  I think if they did notice my hairy legs, they must have been too in awe of my grace, speed, and strength to say anything.

9.  I used to always say that my legs were my favorite body part.  I love how muscular and shapely they are.  Long too.  But i'm obsessed with my triceps now, thanks to Wii Boxing.  Part of this is because i never really had any definition there, the other part is that the wedding dress is strapless!  I want nice looking arms.

10.  The cheese is taunting me.... I love cheese-- most kinds except the stinky ones.  I can eat way more cheese than any one person needs.  I've recently found out a trick -- if I get the spicy cheeses -- like habeƱero cheddar, i can't eat more than an ounce or so before my mouth feels a little burny.  Problem solved! Sadly, this might justify my love of queso.

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