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I always find inspiration in music, mainly because I'm a singer.  In 2008, one of my favorite musicians, Ari Hest pushed himself to write 52 songs in a year.  A few of those songs really touched a cord for me in terms of the lyrics.

In one song, he sings:

We’ve all got something inside us
Urging us to run away
But what are you running away from
If everything here is ok?

It made me take a good hard look at my life -- was I happy where I was, doing what I was doing, hanging around certain people.  It made me look at myself -- to see my feelings were things that would follow me until I addressed them.

In another song, he sings about letting go of emotional and metaphorical burdens, but every now and then I repeat the refrain to myself "I know it's not to late to let go the weight..."  In other words, I very much see my weight as almost a suit of armor.  I know I don't need protecting anymore.

I know it’s not too late
To let go the weight
To let go the weight

And lastly, there's a song by Lifehouse that was on an exercise music mix, but the lyrics kinda stop me dead in my tracks sometimes: 

It's easier to be broken
It's easier to hide


I'd never heard of him before, but I'll definitely be downloading some tonight at work I think! I also get a LOT out of music. Sometimes when I'm on the bike in the basement I'll get afraid that I'm going to wake up John (two stories up) because I'm getting a little too into whatever I'm listening to and start belting it a little too loudly. (Luckily the kid sleeps through everything!)


I've been listening to Ari since college. Someone said to me "Oh you should listen to him" and well, I have been listening ever since. He's an amazing singer. Some very thoughtful lyrics.

I am a classically trained singer (haha, surprise) and sometimes when I'm alone, I do that -- I'll be running and do vocal exercises. I don't have a great lung capacity, but with exercise, I've improved it a little bit.


the life house lyrics are so true for me....i was living my life always amazed me when someone, anyone ccknowledged my presence

To live a life unseen is to not live at all

I’m now working on loving myself, & I do, more and more each day…..with that im making better life decisions, (aka food)

Thanx for letting me in on this small snapshot of your journey…..i can relate to a lot of it & you make me stop and think…..and laugh sometimes too…..and we all need laughter


I think one of the most important thing people can do for themselves (not just those looking to lose weight) is to acknowledge their worth, their value as equal to those of any other person around them. We all have our talents, flaws, weaknesses and strengths, but that shouldn't be used to separate us from other people, but to unite us all in our suffering, in our journeys. We're all trying to get along the best we can.

I've been playing a game with myself lately (and it's especially fun because I get so many txt messages). Every time my phone rings, I use it to bring me back to the moment (as suggested by Thich Nhat Hanh) but instead of making it a mindful moment, I make it a contemplative one. I use the telephone ring to compliment myself, nurture myself. Sometimes I'll say "you're a nice person" or "you're a good friend" or "your hair looks fantastic today." It's a reminder to be gentle with myself.

Kudos on doing the work to learn to love yourself. Once you lay that foundation, anything is possible.

And you're right we all need the laughter. Life should never be so serious that we can't laugh (as I'm reminded of all the funny stories people told at my mom's wake).


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