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Friend and fellow blogger, Crystal, asked me a few questions about the BodyMedia Fit.  I think the discussion is something that everyone could benefit from, so I'm going to make it a stand-alone post (as well as my first discussion of the device and my discussion of dieting in general).  Feel free to ask more questions.

How are you liking it?
I absolutely love it! It's part of my wardrobe now. I feel like I've forgotten something if I forget to put it on.

Is the arm band comfortable to wear?
Yes.  There are 3 sizes of armbands, so you don't have to worry about it being too big or too small.  It is secured with Velcro.

Does it stay put?
For the most part, yes.  The only time I really have trouble with it sliding down my arm is when I'm Wii Boxing.  But all I do is tighten it a little bit while i'm doing that particular exercise, and then loosen it for normal use.

Do you wear it all the time?
They recommend you wear it for 23 hours a day.  Also you shouldn't submerge it in water.  So I don't wear it when i'm in the shower, or when I'm swimming.  With the BodyMedia site, you can estimate activities done while the unit is not on your arm (yep, including shower and swimming).

Are you finding it helpful for staying on track and accountable?
The bottom line is that it cannot do the work for me, but it does make me more mindful of where I'm at (especially because I purchased the display unit.  The armband can work as a standalone, but with the display unit, I have to-the-minute information about how many steps I've taken and how many calories I've burned.  Oh, and it also has the time.)  It helps remind me that I have good days and bad, but it's the trend that I'm concerned about.  I can print out reports and see these trends and correllate them to how my body felt that day, when my period was, or even the weather.

When I notice I haven't burned enough calories or walked enough, I might scale back the portions of what I'm eating.  I might put down the cheese and pick up my sneakers.  It reminds me that this isn't guess work.  It's plain and simple.

Do you use the subscription program it talked about?
I do use the Activity Manager.  The first three months are free with purchase of the armband.  After that, the longer you subscribe the less it costs per month.  I have a 12-month subscription and it's a little under $7 a month.  That's some people's coffee for a day.

You upload the information to the armband to the site and then add in your nutrition information (food journal).  I hear they're working on a phone application to help people keep track.  Many foods are already listed in there, but some are not.  If it's something you eat on a regular basis, you can add foods and recipes.

Do you have to?
Yeah, sorry about that. 

Are you finding it to be helpful?
Yes! I love data.  It gives me lots of information about myself (such as my sleep patterns) and my choices.  I've even set it up to remind me to get up from my desk and walk around (at 1 pm). 

My dietitian uses it as part of her initial assessment into food and behavior.

I was going to suggest, maybe there's a way you can buy a used one, or if a nutritionist/gym allows you to rent one for a month or two...


Tom got my initial BodyBugg on ebay. It was listed as "used" so I was all prepared to pay for the online subscription upfront in order to have it transferred to me ... but as it turned out the person who "used" it never actually used it! I recently upgraded to the new version which looks almost identical to yours and I love love love it.

I do wish sometimes, though, that it would live up to being a bug(g) and bite or sting when I start to do something a bit on the dumb side ;)


I asked the BodyMedia Fit guy who posts on facebook about whether they might consider a BMF/BB rental service and he said that idea has been tossed around. I think a lot of people tire of it after a month or so.

As for the sting when you do something on the dumb side, I'm sure you don't need an electronic device to tell you that.


Wow that was excellent. Thanks so much Robby!! If I think of any more questions I will come drop them here! I'm also going to go direct Roger to this post too. :)


Of course, my dear! I'm glad i could help.
I've actually contacted BodyMedia to see if they have considered doing a rental program (in conjunction with doctors and/or gyms) -- and they've tossed around the idea.


BodyBugg already does a rental:


Further proof that I don't know everything! Thanks for the info!


Colleen -- i've used mine for almost a year.... I wish I had it all my life!


I've had mine for 14 months and love it. Wish I got it sooner.


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