Day Pass and other things....

Last night I gave myself a day pass to drink some beer with friends at Zane Lamprey's Drinking Made Easy tour.  Om nom nom.  Abita's Purple Haze is delicious.  The show was hilarious!  I got myself a 72 oz. "Good Burp" mug, which will be living at work for my water.

But I think it served as a good farewell to drinking party -- end on a high note -- for a while until I make some real progress here.  I keep dancing over/under 200, and I'd like to say under 200.   Not drinking will definitely help me.

So as I'm sitting here writing this, I'm wearing my bikini.  Why?  I have no particular clue.  I think it's almost a rehearsal.  If I'm more comfortable wearing it around myself, the more bravado I'll have in my reserves for when I wear it in public (date TBD), just like practicing good eating habits at home make it easier to have good eating habits when I go out (the pizza I ate on my way home from the show was decidedly not a good choice, but sooo yummy).

So yeah... doot da do... last night I had some people kinda amazed that I have triceps.  Two words: Wii Boxing.  I know it's a silly video game, but there ya go.  They gave me triceps.  I'd love to take real boxing lessons, but I don't know how good that'd be for my back (all the torque) but man I wish I had found it before my injuries.

Foodwise, I think I've found the best items on the best way to navigate my favorite local Thai place.  My first step was to get away from my favorite meal:  Drunken Noodles (Choice of beef, chicken, pork or seafood sautéed with wide rice noodle, onions, tomatoes, basil leaves and sweet peppers in spicy garlic sauce).  So tasty, but so bad.  I moved on to the Sweet Melody (Choice of beef, chicken, pork or seafood sautéed with pineapple, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers, scallions, onions in a sweet and sour sauce) in the Drunken Noodle garlic chili sauce instead of the sweet & sour sauce.  But my new plan of attack is to order off the appetizer menu.  Tricky, I know.

I have three options I'm currently loving:
  • Fresh Garden Rolls (Mixed vegetables, rice noodles, wrapped in rice paper served with special sauce and crushed peanut)
  • Fresh Mango Salad (Julienned fresh mango, red onions and cilantro tossed in a spicy lime dressing and sprinkled with crispy fried coconut)
  • Mixed Grilled Seafood (Shrimp, scallops, and squid on a skewer with pineapple and tomatoes)


It's not fair to make me drool all over everything like that!


Well what are your favorite summer meals that you look for in restaurants?


Okay girl, we're going for Thai next time we eat out! The mango salad is amazing!


I know, right?? Om nom nom nom.
You can be healthy and satisfied at the same time!


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