For the record...

I am beat ...
6 km on the elliptical and 2 softball games in 95 degree heat (one game I was in the outfield running around like a chicken with its head cut off).

3500 calorie burn for the day...
I haven't even put in my food yet, but I'd be surprised if I even cleared 1800 calories.

[Edit: 2137 -- the cheese in my turkey chili did me in]


Congrats you! Keep up the awesome work!


I am actually jealous of your exercise!! I love how team sport doesnt feel like exercise but really its the best kind! Must get myself back into some netball some time soon. Keep up the great work


Ali -- You know, my coworkers that became my teammates became my friends (especially the girls). They have been among my biggest supporters. They ask me about gym plans, don't give me crap if I am not drinking, and have fully supported the veggie plate among fried bar food movement.

On the days when I feel like I push myself to exercise, they pull me with them. On the days when I'm feeling bad about my body, they bouy me.

I know plenty of people who don't tell others that they're trying to lose weight -- that way if they fail, they're not letting anyone down. Telling people I'm doing this has been a very positive influence on my life.

We all need a team (even if it's not a sports team) to be our cheerleaders, our coaches, our trainers, our recovery specialists....


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