Breaking down the goals

So I have about 21 weeks to go. I'm currently floating between 200 and 202 lbs. I think a good goal weight would be between 165 and 17...

So I have about 21 weeks to go.
I'm currently floating between 200 and 202 lbs.
I think a good goal weight would be between 165 and 175 -- which means losing a little over a pound a week.
This is very doable, and within a healthy range.
HOWEVER, thus far, I've had 16 weeks of ups and downs, of sabotaging myself, of injuries and some minor victories.
I would really feel proud of myself if I met this goal.

What do you think -- will I do it?

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  1. I think it's VERY doable ... but PLEASE don't beat yourself up (as I probably would) if it doesn't happen. Every time I go on to my own blog I see that whole "under 170 by labor day" ticker glaring at me from the top of my page. Knowing myself and how I tend to lose weight I'm almost banking on it NOT happening ... but it's worth a shot, right?

  2. You know, i'm very lucky. Whenever I feel down on myself, I just remember the doctors who didn't think I'd be able to walk without getting a spinal fusion. I am stronger and more stubborn than my obesity.

    It's totally worth a shot. I mean if you get to 180, do you think it's any less of a victory?

  3. I just love your spirit and spunk! 15 years ago I had doctors telling my mom that maybe someday I would be able to learn how to wash my own face ... assuming I would ever get out of the coma I was in (stupid drunk driver). A week later I walked out of the hospital. Slowly, but I did it. Why the hell shouldn't I believe I can do this now??? And if I get to 180 I'll do a dance ... and WHEN I get to 170 I'll even record it with the webcam and post it on the blog ;)


    It reminds me of the nelson mandela quote. Like seriously, what good does it do the world if I limit myself?

    Agreed -- stupid drunk driver. But seriously -- you've had to overcome tougher shit that losing weight. I'm totally going to see you dancing on webcam. You're gonna rub it in the fat's face. You're gonna be like "neener neener neener! Look what I can do!"

  5. What a great quote! I'm a big quote junkie and this is definitely a keeper.
    As for the dance, I even added a side bar gadget thing of goals/rewards with the victory dance vlog on it ... you BETTER hold me to it in case I somehow forget! :)

  6. You can do it! One pound a week is attainable. Just keep up your walking, your water, your vegetables and your sleep. I believe in you!

  7. Thank you for the vote of confidence, support, and watermelon :)


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