Asking for Help

I'm just going to put this out there as I'm still absolutely beat from yesterdays' run+softball game+softball game and it seems to be timely: 

If you find yourself lacking motivation, willpower, or energy to get your butt to the gym/outside/in gear... ASK SOMEONE.  Like seriously people... we are all trying to get healthy.  That's a noble goal.  It's no time to let your ego get in the way. People will not judge your form, your outfit, your body, but they will applaud your effort.

Don't worry -- one day you'll be able to help someone else, but for now it's okay to ask for it.
So come on people... let's get the energy up, the passion lit, and our bodies in motion.


Oh yeah! You know, hanging that particular dress or whatever you want to wear, in sight, and then just taking a look at it, mightily helps too.

And in my case: just thinking back about that one comment my brother made to my mom (and which she mentioned to me, although she really shouldn't have): "Couldn't she really lose some weight for our wedding? Now all our pictures are ruined..."


Gudrun -- he said that? Would you like me to hunt him down and kick him in the balls? **eye roll**

I keep on looking at the bridesmaid dress as motivation (I don't have it in my possession yet) -- as well as the bikini hanging on my door.

I think more important is the mental picture I have of myself *doing* all these fun things when my body is strong and capable enough!


I am running way from this idea of asking for help. Which is a sure sign that that is probably exactly what I need to do.......

Thanks for linking up.....


Sadly, I'm the only one serious about health in my circle.

That's why blogging is so great. I get to meet like minded people.

I ask for help on my blog all the

There is always someone that knows a better way to do things.

Thanks for the visit.


I agree with adrienne blogging where I will find my support. Most of my friends are really bad influences lol

Cute working out gear - I made up my own attire and it looks so spazz that I think it is cute. Bad leg warmers, cheap sweats and some neon coloured sweat bands hahaha


Lucy -- I think asking for help is important -- it's not a sign of weakness, but great strength and trust to depend on another person for the 10% extra you might need.

Adrienne -- why are you friends with unhealthy people? I mean, I'm not trying to criticize your friends -- but perhaps your mentality that chose friends that don't respect their health. I hope you are able to inspire your circle.

Katie -- i don't think i can do neon. I"m more of a sleeveless shirt & basketball shorts girl... But i'd totally rock some pinup workout gear if it were available.


I don't have a

I have online friends but mostly people I haven't even met before... but they are a great inspiration...


OMG... *runs away*

Bikinis scare me sooo much lol



Myz== why don't you have a circle? It's super important to have flesh and blood people near you that are supportive. I mean, online friends can only do so much.

As for the bikini -- it's good to be a little scared.


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