D is for Deficient.

So I had an appointment with my dietician today to discuss the results of my blood tests, among other things.  The biggest shock was how low my Vitamin D serum levels measured.  A good target (according to my dietician and other sources) is over 50 nMol/L.  Insufficient is between 20 and 50 nMol/L.  Deficient is under 20 nMol/L.  (High is between 150 and 225 nMol/L and toxic is over 225 nMol/L).

We all know that Vitamin D is important in terms of bone health (by itself and to help with the absorption of calcium--which is why you see "Vitamin D-fortified milk").  Vitamin D is also important in the prevention of some diseases such as MS, peripheral artery disease, cancer, and depression/Seasonal Affective DisorderSome studies are now drawing a link between Vitamin D deficiency and obesity.  It's not quite causal (i.e. more Vitamin D will not make you thin, as far as scientists know), but obesity and Vitamin D deficiency seem to coexist in the same overweight/obese spheres.

My Vitamin D level is a 14.8 nMol/L [[ng/mL]].  Worse even, I think, is that it's not even a test that my GP normally does.  I had to specially request this test (as well as a few others).  So I just wanted to put it on your radar (as it is now on mine) that you should request this test to at least see where you are.  You might have to pay for it out of pocket, but if you're deficient your body will be paying for it instead of your wallet.

I don't know if I'll be running out to the store so I can down some Cod Liver Oil (though I definitely need more fish in my diet (I love fish, but it's dangerous to prepare with 2 nimble cats)), but I am definitely going to work on this number.  Hopefully as my nMol/L [[ng/mL]] goes up, my lbs go down.

[[EDIT:  I was a silly girl and used the wrong measurements... my test was done in ng/mL.  So I'm on the higher end of a deficient scale, or on the low end of the insufficent scale.  But an ideal is greater than 40 and 50 ng/mL being a good goal.]]


I always find it so scary when someting is wrong and it's not a standard test!! Good luck with getting your levels up :)


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